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The colorful queen of controversy Miley Cyrus, has added an extra doodle to her illustrated body. Two weeks after inking the name "Elvis" in a heart shape on her forearm, the young star has opted for a cute drawing of a planet to mingle among her other 25 tatts; yet, identifying which planet she's chosen is causing somewhat of a controversy among her fans.

Sharing a picture of her new artwork — a planet with a ring around it — to Instagram, Miley told followers her latest addition is Jupiter. However, according to commenters, the tattoo looks like another planet altogether. Check it out:

It took no time at all before comments flocked in, telling 23-year-old Miley that her new skin art looks way more like the planet Saturn than Jupiter. And, trolls being trolls, they didn't exactly tell her in the nicest way. For example:


"Bodgy tatt ewwww can't even get the planet right "


"HAHAHAHA Jupiter she reckons"


"Uhh...that's Saturn...the only planet with rings..."

Which, is not only kind of rude, it's also not true. Jupiter's rings may not be as bright as Saturn's, but the planet certainly has a number of faint, narrow rings that are made up of pieces of rock and dust. See:

via Wiki
via Wiki

Miley's tattoo is the work of the famous Sydney-based body artist Lauren Winzer, who later clarified and defended her work via her Instagram page, stating the illustration is her interpretation of Jupiter.

both have rings so I guess it's interpretation haha but definitely a planet all the same #rippluto

What do you make of Miley's new tattoo?


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