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After months of waiting, Steven Universe fans can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light is a few weeks away. Season 3 will premiere on May 12th in a two episode special, followed by three weekly episodes. After that, who knows? (We know. It's going to be another hiatus.)

But until we're thrust back into a Steven Universe drought, we've got the five episode event to look forward to, and In Too Deep looks satisfyingly traumatizing.

The episode titles and order have now been confirmed by the Cartoon Network schedule, although the final episode seems to be absent from the list.

In Too Deep is slated to be a five episode event so it's anybody's guess what the last episode is. But thanks to the leaked European schedule we can assume that the missing episode is either "Hit The Diamond" or "Steven Floats." And both of these have very interesting implications considering the hints dropped by the trailer.

Steven and Peridot travel to the Cluster, alone.
Steven and Peridot travel to the Cluster, alone.

So here's what to expect from the explosive, game-changing, and undoubtably heart-wrenching premiere of Steven Universe season 3.

They Finally Got To The Cluster

The last few episodes of Season 2 have dealt with the Crystal Gems' mission to reach the Cluster, the breeding ground for a new generation of gems which will, incidentally, destroy the Earth when it comes to fruition. It's pretty horrific.

The trailer begins with a shot of Peridot looking distinctly determined, saying 'The Cluster' in an ominous tone. This seems as though the Crystal Gems are already there or nearing their destination.

The Cluster threatens to destroy Earth.
The Cluster threatens to destroy Earth.

Having said that, all the shots of the drill show just Peridot and Steven in the cockpit. Why is this? Are Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst busy battling someone else on the surface?

It makes sense that Peridot would be the one to go down to the Cluster, as she knows the most about it. But it's surprising for Steven to go on such a dangerous mission, and it could be that the Crystal Gems themselves are indisposed, forcing him to accompany Peridot. Hmmm.

Peridot and Steven in the drill.
Peridot and Steven in the drill.

Then there's this line from Steven, which hints that something might go awry in their mission.

"Something doesn't feel right about this."

This is intriguingly vague, and it could point toward a strange discovery about the nature of the Cluster. Or maybe Steven's just having reservations about destroying a whole generation of potential gems. Meanwhile, we have a theory about who the Crystal Gems are so busy with as all this goes down.

Yellow Diamond Sends Reinforcements

Until now, Yellow Diamond's taken a back seat in the business on Earth, sending Peridot and Jasper in her stead. This makes sense — from what we know of Yellow Diamond she seems very busy ruling the rest of Homeworld's empire with her fellow Diamonds.

Yellow Diamond in 'Message Received'.
Yellow Diamond in 'Message Received'.

After Peridot's defiance in "Message Received" however, Yellow Diamond's attention has been directed towards Earth. In the "Barn Mates" leak we saw her send a weapon to kill Peridot, and in the "In Too Deep" trailer her resolve about Earth seems sharpened.

"I want that planet to die."

This certainly seems like Yellow Diamond has made a decision about Earth. So will she destroy the Earth regardless of the Cluster's survival? Or will she act to ensure the Cluster emerges unhampered by the Crystal Gems' efforts?

Considering the Crystal Gems aren't present in the drill, it could be that they're busy battling Yellow Diamond's forces on the planet's surface — or maybe even Yellow Diamond herself. That would line up with the episode title "Hit The Diamond," but it's probable that Yellow Diamond won't come to Earth until later on in the show. After all, she's the biggest bad they've ever faced, and she might be better suited to the Season 3 finale.

In the meantime, the Crystal Gems have another villain to fight.

Malachite Returns

The terrifying fusion of Lapis and Jasper is back, and she's badder than ever, embracing her vicious side and battling Alexandrite.

Alexandrite battles Malachite.
Alexandrite battles Malachite.

In the leaked clip of "Super Watermelon Island," we saw Malachite embrace her fusion power, and she's determined to go full villain and destroy the Crystal Gems.

"I can't wait to tear you gems apart!"

The battle between the two giant fusions promises to be epic, with Steven's watermelon clones pouring into the ocean to help. But what about Lapis Lazuli? She fused with Jasper in order to trap her and protect Steven. The key to defeating Malachite probably lies in reminding Lapis of this, and thus destabilizing the fusion.

Lapis Lazuli in 'Barn Mates'.
Lapis Lazuli in 'Barn Mates'.

Thanks to Cartoon Network's blink-and-you-miss-it "Barn Mates" teaser, we know that Lapis will be freed from her fusion with Jasper by this episode. It also looks like she'll be joining the Crystal Gems as they put the finishing touches on the drill, and protecting Peridot from Yellow Diamond's probe.

That's pretty much all we can deduce from the "In Too Deep" trailer and leaks, but there's one thing left over: that menacing hand from the end of the video. We have no clue what that's all about, but it's certainly intriguing. Is this a new gem villain, emerging from the Cluster itself? We can't wait to find out!

What do you think will happen in "In Too Deep"? Tell us in the comments!

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