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When you think of Ronda Rousey, you tend to think of her as one of the world’s best UFC fighters (I include the men in that Ronda is one tough cookie!) not the Pokémon obsessed girl from Riverside who used to moderate a Pokémon fan forum site.

That’s right Ronda Rousey flies the flag for nerdom everywhere. Before Ronda Rousey was a fully fledges fighting goddess she worked as a moderator for an online Pokémon forum. Rousey is a self-confessed Poké-nut and has collected and beaten every single game that has ever come out, apart from ‘Pokémon Pinball’ because as Rousey puts it “who needs that bullshit”.

In a recent video made by YouTube channel, MMA Fighting Rousey takes time out of a red carpet event to talk about Pokémon. The Ultimate Fighting star as it turns out is an absolute hoot and seemed extremely happy that someone had asked her about Pokémon. Rousey launched into a full personal history of her obsession with the Pokémon games so much so that five minutes on she had to be pulled away by her agent. What a legend!

I’ve gotten every single version of every single generation of the game. So like when blue came out, I didn’t just get blue and wait for silver, no. I got blue, I beat blue, I got red, I beat red, I got yellow, I beat yellow. And then when gold, silver, and platinum came out, I got all three of those and beat those.

She even volunteered up a few tips for beating Pokémon Snap. As well as revealing how to get the perfect score she also admitted that Mew was her favourite Pokémon and that Mew could even go toe to toe with Mewtwo and win. Coming from one of the most formidable fighters in the world that’s an endorsement I am willing to believe.

I got the perfect score in Pokémon Snap. The trick is to keep hitting the Mew over and over and over and over again.

The profile

At the age of 16 Rousey took up a position with as a forum moderator for Pokémon. This was when she was most addicted the franchise according to Rousey she would sit for hours on end with just the sustenance gleaned from a pile of Graham Crackers that sat on her desk to keep her going.

The profile, that still exists today, of our lovely lady makes for some of the year’s best reading. Who would have thought that this girl who wrote this profile would become one of the most famous fighters the world has ever seen.

Ronda Rousey's Pokemon profile
Ronda Rousey's Pokemon profile

Could this be where Rousey got the inspired to become a fighter? Was it that first encounter with her Charmander that motivated her into becoming the icon she is today?

What Pokémon do you think Rousey best resembles in the octagon?

Source: MMA Fighting


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