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Sweetie, darling, they're back! After seemingly leaving behind the lives of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone in 2005, fans of BBC's Absolutely Fabulous had always hoped for more. With a series of sporadic adverts, Comic Relief sketches and even three special episodes to commemorate the 20th anniversary, it was pretty clear we hadn't seen the last of the two Bollinger swigging socialites. The odd one-off was never going to be enough to satisfy the appetites of their cult fans, and rumours of a film version have been harder to kick than the pair's nicotine addiction. Off the back of the likes of Alan Partridge, the Ab Fab girls are the latest to make it to the silver screen with some pretty famous faces in tow.

The new trailer for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie sees the PR girls doing much of the same in a convoluted plot-line that sees Eddie and Patsy fleeing to the French Riviera. The film itself has been a long time coming, including reports that the cast were 'too old' and Dawn French betting £100,000 that Jennifer Saunders wouldn't write the film. Back in 2012, Saunders told The Independent:

"If I do it for no other reason, it'll be so Joanna (Lumley) and I — Patsy and Eddie — can walk up that red carpet. Wouldn't that be a dream?"

Now it looks like the dream has become a reality, and it won't be long before we are all singing along to "This Wheel's on Fire". Hopefully Absolutely Fabulous won't be one of those films where all the best gags are in the trailer, but in the meantime let's run down the best bits we did see!

'I'm working From Nobu This Week'

After a typical Patsy/Eddie bender, the trailer sets up the premise of the film. Washed up PR exec Edina Monsoon is keen to get a new client on board after it turns out Kate Moss (yes THE Kate Moss) is changing her PR company. But when she tries to snap up the catwalk model, it has disastrous consequences. Seemingly not too old to self reference, the film has moved with the times - being all 'meta', Eddie's new office this week is swanky London sushi restaurant Nobu.

The Red Carpet

Kathy Burke returns as Patsy's fashion editor Magda, but she isn't the only familiar face we spot. Burke is joined on the red carpet by Ab Fab alumni Emma Bunton, as well as a rather Black Swan-esque new addition that is Gwendoline Christie. Christie couldn't look further away from her days as Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, but it's a look we are just gagging for. We also spot model Lily Cole with famed fashion designer Stella McCartney, for one of those hilarious trailer jokes:

"Eddie: Stella!
Stella McCartney: You're not wearing my clothes are you?
Eddie: No darling, no, this is all TK Maxx."

Hamming It Up

Adding the Hollywood heartthrob element, Mad Men's Jon Hamm is Kate Moss' date for the evening. Patsy turns to Eddie:

"I'm going to roll away the Hamm."

It seems that Jon and Patsy have met before, with him amazed that the former model is still alive. No one actually knows how old Patsy Stone is, but she puts her age somewhere between 39 and 43. Her secret to staying young? Well, she has only been seen eating twice since 1973.

'You Have Killed Kate Moss!'

Not everything goes smoothly at the red carpet event, as Eddie inadvertently knocks Kate Moss into the River Thames, where she is presumed dead. The catalyst for the film sends a disgraced Eddie (and Patsy) fleeing to the French Riviera to avoid the media s**t-storm coming their way. A clearly angry Stella McCartney hurls a brick through Eddie's window, prompting her to say:

"It's the first thing I've ever got from Stella McCartney."

Rebel Without A Cause

Rounding off the A-listers, the film reunites two Bridesmaids co-stars. Rebel Wilson joins Jon Hamm's cameo to deliver a "shocking" scene onboard an airplane. Playing an unhappy flight attendant, Rebel's character tasers Patsy, who's left unfazed:

"Cheers, you don't get that on British Airways."

But what could Patsy be in trouble for? Smuggling booze, botox, or something a little stronger?

'She's Been A Man Before'

A dream sequence? A way to get a green card? With Joanna Lumley sporting a Magnum, P.I. tash, the wedding scene is the one that has everyone talking in the trailer. June Whitfield is also back as Eddie's senile mother, simply called Mother/Gran. An earlier scene sees Eddie and Patsy not enjoying an OAP cruise, so this could be how Gran comes along for the ride.

Burst Your Bubble

Hooray... she's back. Always a fan favourite was Jane Horrocks' turn as Eddie's down-trodden assistant bubble. Known for her outlandish outfits (including a Tellytubby beanbag), the simpleton sidekick got the majority of the laughs during the show's run. Thankfully Bubble is back, alongside other longstanding sufferer, Lulu. Bubble is dressed as, erm, interestingly as ever with her Uma Thurman-style wig.

'I'm Being Trollied On Twitter'

A subtle reference to Jane Horrocks' sitcom Trollied? Despite pretending to be "down with the kids," the trailer ends proving that Eddie is nowhere near as savvy as she pretends to be.

"Eddie: A woman told me I'm a pariah.
Saffy: Do you know what a pariah is?
Eddie: Yeah, it's a fish!"

Looks pretty good, eh?! Get out the Stolly and the Bolly, because Eddie, Patsy and Saffy return to our screens on July 1. Cheers sweetie!

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