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Based on true events, Oliver Stone's Snowden is the biographical picture of CIA employee Edward Snowden, who uncovered a terrifying truth concerning national security and revealed it to the world. Check out the trailer:

I've been eagerly awaiting Snowden since I first heard the project went into production, mainly because of it's star and director. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a world class talent with fantastic performances in (500) Days Of Summer, 50/50, Don Jon and Looper. He's an actor I always look forward to seeing, pair that with director Oliver Stone (Platoon, JFK) and an intriguing plot, this sounds like a recipe for greatness.

I think this looks like a pretty thrilling and entertaining biopic. It will most likely play with the actual truth but when watching a biopic, you can't expect a fully non-fiction story. I think JGL looks pretty fantastic in the lead and the supporting cast really surprised me.

Snowden releases on September 16th 2016.


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