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A new glitch found in The Division has allowed the opportunistic players of the Dark Zone to exploit a certain segment of the game in a way that gives them god-like power. By combining three of the most common glitches these gamers have now entered into the realm of the gods with powers that mere mortals could only dream of. But why let them have all the fun – here’s how you can do it too.

It has been one thing after another in the Division as of late. With one bug fix comes two more glitches and so on - It seems that Ubisoft are in an uphill struggle that shows no sign of levelling out. The war that Ubisoft are waging against the bugs, hackers and opportunists is one that shows no sign of ending – no matter how many fixes the team seem to introduce the problems only seem to get worse.

This latest exploit combines three of the games most notorious game glitches and merges them all together into one over the top mod that effectively gives the player unlimited ammo, unlimited health and one Million damage output - gamers would refer to this as God mode.

Players with these powers can do literally anything they want in the game – needless to say, I am sure that Ubisoft will be looking to shut this thing down pretty soon so jump on it before they patch it out completely.

Unlimited ammo

Starting with the simplest of the three. Getting unlimited ammo is like taking candy from a baby in The Division – you first select the ‘One is None’ talent. This perk allows a 50 percent chance of getting the ammo you depleted back if you kill an enemy with a headshot. You must basically spam this button enough times for it to force a glitch. Once this button is glitches it will effectively allow you to fire your weapon without having to reload – giving you unlimited ammo. Once this glitch is activated you will be able to select other talents do not worry the ‘One is None’ talent will stick.

Unlimited health

This one is a little tricky and will require a tad more effort but the rewards will be all the sweeter once you become invincible. Start off by making sure you have the First Aid ability enabled and the Strike Mask is equipped. The mask allows for an extra 2 percent health regeneration when suffering from status effects.

Once all this is in place you must then throw a tear gas grenade at your feet and wait for it to explode. Once it does and your character begins to feel the effects of the gas you must use your heal ability and remove the status effect. Remain in the same position and wait for the status effects to take hold again. Once the player begins to get disorientated again the glitch will be triggered.

It is to be noted here that the term of unlimited health isn’t entirely accurate; players will still take damage but will remain in a constant state of healing. Whenever damage is taken you will heal almost instantaneously.

1000000 damage

So this one is similar to the first glitch – by following the same format we can get you loaded up and dishing out over 1000000 DPS. First start by getting into the cover position – this glitch will not work unless you are in cover. Then, select the ‘Tactical Advantage’ talent. Simply spam this button like you did to gain unlimited ammo and the glitch will soon be activated.

Once your character has all three of these glitches enabled you will become a Division god and it will definitely be the time to go off and get revenge on those agents that always thought they were better than you and stole your loot. Go forth and massacre the Dark Zone.

As with any and all glitch jumps we strongly recommend that you consider all potential outcomes of taking part. Sometimes developers don't mind too much and sometimes they really come down hard on those that get involved. It's all fun and games but do take word of caution before taking part.

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