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Rights to a mysterious title in development at Ubisoft have been in dispute since 2011 between Assassin’s Creed co creator, Patrice Desilet and the studio. Little to no information was ever revealed about the mysterious title only its name – until now. Following some sort of apparent deal, Desilet is finally able to give the world a glimpse into the artistic feel of the new IP.

The long disputed rights to 1666: Amsterdam have finally been awarded to creative director Patrice Desilet. The rights of ownership have been disputed between Desilet and Ubisoft for some time now but Ubisoft have finally agreed to hand over full ownership of the IP to their former employee.

1666: Amsterdam originally planned to release via THQ however due to the financial crisis that hit the studio back in 2011 the project and the studio were put on indefinite hiatus. THQ was consequently bought out by Ubisoft Montreal and Desilet and 1666: Amsterdam consequently fell under their jurisdiction.

Since then 1666: Amsterdam has been more of a side project for Desilet as he brought the Assassin’s Creed franchise to fruition. Now that Desilet has moved on it has been a battle to regain ownership of his mysterious IP.

1666 Amsterdam
1666 Amsterdam

So, what exactly is 1666: Amsterdam? Good question and to answer it honestly, we don’t know. There have been no game specifics to come out of Desilet yet but what was revealed was the artistic tone of the new game.

What we can say with some confidence is that the game will have some sort of focus on the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and that it very almost became “ the next Assassin’s Creed”. Anything further than that is anyone’s guess.

What do you think it could be?


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