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There is a time for peace and a time for war, and with the death of Laurel Lance still fresh in the air, Team Arrow is out for blood. Arrow star David Ramsey recently gave an interview to CBR discussing the fallout of Eleven-Fifty-Nine and where the team is at now.

Man possessed? Diggle's out for blood!
Man possessed? Diggle's out for blood!

CBR: At this point, is Team Arrow's top priority Damien Darhk?

David Ramsey: It is. Damien and Andy have it coming to them with the death of Laurel. We saw that scene between Oliver and Felicity where she says, "You have to kill him." There is something we have to pay off here. The driving force of the remaining episodes is to kill Damien Darhk.

CBR: The season finale is fast approaching -- how does it pave the way for next year?

Ramsey: What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. That's the big theme. You are going to see a team that's more fractured than it ever has been. The elements that remain of that team, ultimately, in Season 5, will be the strongest of the strong. I'm excited, because you are going to see a team stronger than it has been.

RIP Laurel Lance
RIP Laurel Lance

Season 4 has been marred with plenty of letdowns in the story, something fans of the show have expressed on the net, but the death of Lauren Lance may actually reset the shows focus and get Arrow back on track. Team Arrow is out for blood, and David Ramsey makes it very clear that Diggle won't let his traitorous brother Andy get away from his hand of vengeance.

CBR: What can viewers expect when Diggle finally confronts Andy again?

Ramsey: We can expect a man possessed. We can expect a man that's willing to do whatever it takes to bring him to justice, and more importantly, do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. You are going to see a Diggle like a man possessed to bring Andy and Damien Darhk down, particularly to bring his brother to justice.

Andy Diggle is dead, only a ghost remains.
Andy Diggle is dead, only a ghost remains.


Episode 19 may be the start of a slide back towards the dark elements of Arrow, and it may begin with an even darker realization. A promo clip recently released by the CW has the team discussing what to do next when Captain Lance brings to their attention an ominous discovery.

We're not sure what this means and where this may lead too. Can Laurel's death and sudden appearance be linked to something...supernatural? She was killed by Damien Darhk. Or can this be the return of another hero that bore the name Black Canary? Maybe, but Cisco's technology was customized and secured for only Laurel Lance to use. Or was it?

We'll see a team mourn, and a hero turn to the darkside and the appearance of a mysterious vigilante as Arrow's "Canary Cry" airs tonight on the CW!


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