ByJames Brockbank, writer at

Ever wondered how much it'd cost to live like Monica and Rachel from Friends? How about like Homer and family from The Simpsons?

In reality, in some cases, it'll cost a fortune; in others, not quite as much as you'd think! As an example, if you wanted to live like The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, it'll set you back around $35,000 each month to rent a 5 bedroom mansion. On the other hand, if you'd rather rent a 3 bedroom house in Manchester like The Royle Famile, it'll cost you a much more affordable £650 per month.

RoomBuddies recently took the time to carry out the research to answer the question of how much would it cost to live like your favorite sitcom characters and the findings were a real mixed bag!

To showcase the findings, this great infographic was launched; one which does a fantastic job of helping you work out which of your favorite stars you could afford to live like:


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