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League of Legends streamers 'SpudBunch' put together this concept video of what a League and Pokemon crossover game might look like. Video was created by Mr4Eva and DragonFruit

In the video we see Ashe, a clever take on 'Ash', as the main character of her own grand Pokemon adventure. Check it out below.

Besides being generally well polished and gorgeous, the video gives plenty of hilarious nods to both games.

Both games have dangerous tall grass and characters named Ash(e)

Ashe's small team includes Anivia as a legendary bird, Kah'zix as a staple bug-type Pokemon, and Gnar as an evolving Pokemon.

Upon stumbling into some high grass, Ashe faces down a wild Nidalee (and jokes of Nidalee's overpowered abilities are abound).

We would've settled for a Garen in the bush.
We would've settled for a Garen in the bush.

Another fan project is actually bringing this idea to life

Sadly, this is just a video and not a real working game... yet.

A League of Legends Pokemon ROM hack is currently in development by Pokecommunity member 'C me' and might be live soon!

ROMs and fan projects are often looked down upon by the Pokemon Company, but many of these fan projects live online without much fear of being taken down.


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