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Very strange that someone with this occupation would become so violent and heartless!

So very strange indeed. The Walking Dead's latest Big Bad, Negan, left us all screaming at our TVs after the recent Walking Dead Season 6 finale. That final scene was a cliffhanger and left us with so many unanswered questions. However, thanks to the upcoming 48-page story Here's Negan, we will get a few of those queries answered in regard to Negan's backstory leading up to his debut on the show. The first four pages have been released in the Image+ preview magazine and they reveal some very important details on the man with the bat.

Negan's Pre-Zombie Apocalypse Career

Turns out Negan was a teacher and a ping-pong coach! WHAT?! In the story, Negan is coaching a pupil in a game of ping-pong, and uses some foul language and sexual references to beat the pupil down mentally in order to win. Negan is young but just as sarcastic as ever. He is definitely the cool teacher on campus — or is at least trying to be. Suddenly, his girlfriend or wife stops in for a visit and collapses, having a seizure in front of everyone.

Hm, so Negan is a bully teacher and coach in love with someone with a possibly serious medical issue.

Image+ 'Here's Negan'
Image+ 'Here's Negan'

This is very interesting information about him, considering what a sociopath we know he will eventually become. He clearly thrives on being in control, and with his clan in The Walking Dead perhaps he finally achieves the control he always wanted, and the image he always craved: To be revered, feared, admired, and unmatched. I am curious to see how this woman plays into it all. Maybe she is the only one that keeps him from crossing the line to becoming the Negan we know in the show; when she (presumably) dies, it's what sends him over the edge into his own twisted madness.

There are still 44 pages left to be revealed about what made the man the monster, so there are still a lot of pieces left to sift through in the Negan puzzle before The Walking Dead returns for Season 7!

You can pick up the first installment of Here's Negan in Image+ at your local comic book store NOW!

Have you read Here's Negan yet? What was the most interesting tidbit of info you found?


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