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For months now there have been rumors circulating that Netflix could renew Young Justice for season 3. With the massive cliffhanger ending of season 2, many fans have been clamoring for a third season that would see this cliffhanger explored. Despite the obvious potential for a third season, the question still remains, where do they go from here?

Season 1 had our young team cementing themselves as an organized collection of heroes. Season 2 brought it to another level by time jumping and having our previous young heroes acting as mentors to the newest recruits. On top of this, the show came up with a valid reason for not having the Justice League around. This allowed them to face threats thought to be too large for them to handle, yet we saw them band together and defeat the likes of Vandal Savage, Lex Luthor, Psimon, Black Beetle and many others. At the end of season 2 we see Vandal Savage go to Apokolips and partner with Darkseid. With this massive partnership, the threat level has now reached a completely new level, yet we never got see it pay off. If they are given a third season, how could the heroes of Young Justice take on the likes of not just Darkseid but Vandal Savage and all of the other villains still roaming about?

Darkseid vs. The Team

While Darkseid poses an enormous threat, especially with the other villains he's allied himself with, some might argue that he is far too powerful for our team in Young Justice to face. However, we have seen them come so far with their maturity, organization, teamwork, and power that it isn't completely farfetched to think that this team could go up against Darkseid. It would be the toughest fight they've ever faced so far, but it would only serve the progression we've seen so far in the first two seasons. On top of this we see the Forever People, a group of heroes from New Genesis, introduced in an episode. The heroes of Young Justice could then call on them for help against Darkseid and his forces considering that New Genesis and Apokolips are at war.

Young Justice & Justice League Team-Up

While the Justice League is usually tied up with other matters in the Young Justice show, some of the best episodes and moments come when our young heroes team-up with their Justice League mentors. With the Justice League freed and back on Earth at the end of season 2, it would be great to see the Justice League have a mutual partnership with the team of young heroes in order to combat Darkseid's impending invasion. Plus, it would only further the previously mentioned progression of our characters because all of our young heroes want nothing more than to be recognized as heroes worthy of individual recognition. Working alongside the Justice League to defeat Darkseid would complete this journey that we've seen since Season 1.

The Return & Introduction of Characters

From season 1 to season 2, we saw a large increase of both heroes and villains. It would only make sense that season 3 would see another increase in characters. A fan favorite with the potential for a reintroduction would of course be Wally West's Kid Flash. With Darkseid being teased as the villain for a potential season 3, perhaps we could see Wally make his triumphant return to the land of the living during the final battle with Darkseid. In the pages of Final Crisis, Barry Allen is discovered to be running from Death, so Jay Garrick and Wally West go into the Speed Force to try and save him. While Jay is able to escape the Speed Force, Wally and Barry are stuck inside until they can escape Death. It isn't until they appear near Darkseid and Death chooses him instead that they are able to escape. With Wally being the one to be absorbed into the Speed Force at the end of season 2, they could adapt the Final Crisis use of Barry Allen and swap the characters, but still have them defeat Darkseid by leading Death to him.


With the hype for a Young Justice season 3 only getting bigger and bigger, all we can do is hope that Netflix does us all a favor and renews this amazing show. With all of the obvious doors left open for a season 3, we could possibly see some amazing episodes if season 3 were just greenlit. Make sure you go watch Young Justice on Netflix as much as possible, and hopefully those rumors of a season 3 are true. Keep alive people!


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