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Ever had to sit through one of those boring training video's at work that just go on and on and on. Well this forklift training video from Germany ISN'T one of those, in fact it's so bonkers it gives cult films like Evil Dead 2 and Braindead a run for their money!

Accidents happen.....
Accidents happen.....

Seriously it's got gore by the bucket load!!

The plot is simple:

Driver 'Klaus' has just passed his driving test for forklifts, but his first day on the job turns out to be a real nightmare. Cruel but informative accidents happen and Only a few survive the blood shed. This is, a homage to working safety educational films.

So, without any further ado...

If that doesn't have you screaming with laughter then you're probably not the sort of person I'd want to hang out with.

I used to drive a couple of forklifts when I worked in a metal factory, but lucky for me nothing like this never occurred. Although, I can definitely think of a couple of times we broke some of these rules.

Klaus lost his head
Klaus lost his head

The short film was up for several awards back in 2001/2002, and I think it deserves some SERIOUS recognition.

Here are the credits:

  • (2001)
  • Director: Jörg Wagner, Stefan Prehn
  • Script: Jörg Wagner, Stefan Prehn
  • Camera: Matthias Lehmann, Christoph Chassée
  • Editor: Andrea Stabenow
  • Cast: Konstantin Graudus, Douglas Welbat, Dieter Dost, Jürgen Kossel

Here's the team's Official YouTube Channel:

KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg

This one isn't ALL his fault
This one isn't ALL his fault


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