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A new Civil War TV Spot has come out, and, well, something surprising was in it. And it has to do with Bucky.

You guys all remember the second trailer for Civil War, right? How couldn't we? But just in case you, somehow forgot, here it is-

And while watching this trailer, and eagle eyed Reddit user spotted this:

Yes, that's Bucky without his arm. Old news, I know, but then check out this new TV Spot-

Now, besides the fact that its heartbreaking to see Steve (probably) carrying Peggy Carter's casket, if you look at :26 during the TV spot, you'll notice this-

It's another shot of Cap uppercutting Iron Man, but Bucky HAS HIS ARM ON. So what does this mean? Well, it could just mean that he does have his arm off and they just didn't edit it off of him for this TV spot, or we were LIED TO.

What do you think happened to Bucky? Let me know!

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in just 10 DAYS!


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