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5 Historical Facts about Classic Civil War You Didn't Know

1 - Sunday matinées all around the country were just an incredible delight around 1940's. At that time, the first cinematic experiences with characters like The Rocket Man, Captain America, Spy Smasher, Scarlet Witch, The Green Archer and Captain Marvel were screened in serials with immediate public success. At that time, however, they were all called 'action heroes'. And not everyone of them had superpowers.

2 - Also in the 1940's there was a comic book publisher named 'Timely Comics'. Not familiar with? Years later, Timely would become 'Marvel' and be one of the world's top comic publishers. But before that we had Captain America, Challenger, Black Widow and many unforgettable more. All by careful hands from people like Paul Gustavson, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Carl Burgos, just to name a few.

3 - Almost all of theatrical serials based on action heroes characters were produced by Republic Pictures, an American independent film production corporation based in Los Angeles, California. Although it was responsible for launching careers of stars like John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, the studio specialized itself in low-budget attractions, known today as 'B-films'. Poor acting, technical limitations and risible visual effects were abundant on its material.

4 - One of the masters of B movies and populary known as 'the worst director ever', Ed Wood had a long career in Hollywood with dozens of films. Sci-fi, horror or even erotic, his body of work became cult for new generations, which point 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' (1956) his 'masterpiece'.

5 - Now, can you imagine Ed Wood, 'the king of B-films', directing one of these serials about Civil War? Just take a look at this incredible mashup where everything is possible despite its risible special effects!

With Rocket Man as Iron Man (1949), Grant Gardner as Captain America (1944), Scopion as Spiderman (1941), Spy Smasher as Buck (1942), Grant Williams as AntMan (1957), The Green Archer as Hawkeye (1940), The Lightning as Black Panther (1938), Marie Windsor as Scarlet Wich (1953), Emma Peel as Black Widow (1961) and Robot as War Machine (1940).

Captain America

Black Widow

Iron Man


Here is the original Civil War Trailer that coming up next week!


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