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This article is about one of the most extremely offensive set of movies ever made. I cannot recommend these movies to anyone, at any time, for any reason. This article is meant for people who may not want to actually watch the movies, but who really want to know more about them. Sensitive readers are highly encouraged to find something else to read.

There is a filmmaker that goes under the name Lucifer Valentine. According to his own statements in interviews, he's a proud Satanist, had a consensual incestuous relationship with his sister before she killed herself, and is an admitted emetophile (that means he gets sexually turned on by watching people vomit). And he's obsessed with Kurt Cobain.

Over a period of six years, he made three movies in an attempt to create a new sub-genre of horror, vomit gore. It never caught on. They are rumored to be perhaps the most extreme films ever made... legally. Until an obscure company agreed to turn them into DVDs, they were only available to buy from Valentine's website.

When I heard about the existence of the Vomit Gore Trilogy, I dared myself to find them and watch them.

I succeeded. But I'm not sure I should have.

The Vomit Gore Trilogy, despite being three separate movies, is really one 4-hour-long experiment in disgust. It's also filmed in a quick-edited way; it can cause headaches and confusion. There is a story, but it just provides a little bit of structure for what is really an exhibition of rare and extreme sexual fetishes. I will summarize the three movies for you. Technically, there are spoilers here, but trust me when I say it doesn't matter.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

This is the story of a girl named Angela

The movie starts with a sweet little girl on home video, talking about little girl things. Then, the little girl turns into a woman in her late teens. She is talking to someone behind a video camera. I'm pretty sure it's Satan. Really. Anyway, she introduces herself as Angela Aberdeen (fun fact: remember that I said Valentine was obsessed with Kurt Cobain? Angela's last name is the name of the town where Cobain was born). As she talks, you learn she has been abused. She makes a pact with Satan, and becomes a bulimic, drug-addicted stripper prostitute named Blisters, who says things like "I don't know what's left of me, but you can fuck it if you want". At the end of the movie, she drowns herself in a bathtub (which is apparently how Valentine's sister killed herself in real life).

Truth in Advertising

The movie pretty much matches its title. Soon after Angela turns into Blisters, people start getting slaughtered. The first one is a relatively simple gouging of the eyeballs. It gets more graphic and fucked-up from there.

Did I mention that Blisters is bulimic? We also get treated to watching her make herself vomit. And this is no "tube taped to her cheek" trick. This is real.

Oh, Henry!

Look. I have a strong stomach. My hobby is watching extreme horror films. But starting about halfway through this film, a man appears. He is identified only by his belt buckle, which says "HENRY" (his "real name" is Hank Skinny). This man makes what may be the most disgusting cinematic moments ever put to film. I don't even want to explain what he does, except that he wins the award for making me vomit in my mouth.

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

Blisters Continues Dying

The first movie ended with Angela killing herself on April 5, 1994 (which is the day Kurt Cobain died). This movie is apparently what happens inside her head as she's dying. She meets various characters, including twin sisters known as The Black Angels of Hell, who escort her to the afterlife and who torture and vomit and kill along the way.

I had noted in the first film that the main actress, Ameara LaVey, did a really good job of playing her character. In this film I realized that her performance may not really be all acting. I suspect that she's talking about things that actually happened to her, and how she really feels about herself, at least partially. This made me very depressed.

Not Just Vomit and Gore

In a successful attempt at getting more extreme, we have now added piss scenes to the vomit scenes and gore scenes. Plus we are treated to watching a woman get whipped with her own intestines, and then made to suck on them until she pukes.

This movie also contains real lesbian S&M scenes.

I had hoped we wouldn't see Henry in this movie, but he's here. He goes above and beyond what he did in the first movie.

Blisters Goes to Nirvana?

Since Angela Aberdeen/Blisters dies on the same day that Kurt Cobain did, the ending of the movie contains a strangely out-of-place tribute to Cobain. We have spent the entire movie watching Angela endure hellish torture, and the slaughter of many people. Then suddenly, the camera his hanging outside what I'm guessing is Cobain's home, looking at poetry people have scrawled on the fence in honor of Kurt. It's a whiplash change of events that isn't connected to the rest of the movie, unless Angela has somehow combined her own destruction with Cobain's.

Here's Kurt, as a break from the other pics
Here's Kurt, as a break from the other pics

Slow Torture Puke Chamber

A New Angela Aberdeen

This is the final chapter in the beloved story about everyone's favorite devil-worshiping, vomiting whore. From what I can tell, in this movie Angela is in hell, but she is sent to find a new Angela Aberdeen to torture and kill so that she can be reborn, or something. This new Angela actively promotes bulimia, and explains that it was a useful way for her to deal with being raped by her father. She proceeds to illustrate.

All the movies have satanic elements in them, but this one is the most blasphemous.

The height of disgust

This movie actually has a disclaimer at the beginning, in which the main actress, Hope Likens, tells us that everything she does in the movie is by her consent. While the disclaimer is partially just hype, it is probably a good idea that she said that.

In this movie we have vomit, gore and piss. We have drinking real piss, drinking real vomit, explicit masturbating with crucifixes, sex with fetuses, and a few other things I don't want to mention. My mind eventually started separating itself from my body just so I could get some distance between myself and the screen.

Henry returns again. I didn't think he could top what he did in the second movie. But he did.

This movie is upsetting on a deeper level than what's on screen

The fact that Likens consented to making this movie is, in some ways, just as disturbing as if she didn't consent. In addition, there are other women who do worse things in the movie than Likens. Even considering the fact that everything in the movie is consensual, I can't help but think that these actresses must be psychologically traumatized in real life in order to do these things. On camera.

So there you go.

Between the content of the film and the frenetic way it's shot, it almost seems as if Valentine is trying to make unwatchable movies. It's also understandable that some people will dismiss the movies as silly, or pretentious experimental art. That's kind of what I thought after watching the first movie.

But I think that's missing the point. They go beyond pretentious. If you get yourself in the correct headspace, parts of the trilogy are compelling and thought provoking. But they are hammers to the soul.

These movies are ferociously violent, misogynistic, degrading, fetishistic, pornographic abominations. There is a micro-niche of people, such as myself, who will watch the movies out of perverse curiosity, and who can appreciate them on an artistic level. There is an even smaller group of people who will genuinely admire or be turned on by the events on screen.

As I said at the beginning, I cannot recommend these movies to anyone, at any time, for any reason. If you are an explorer of the further realms of experience, you will find these on your own, no matter what I say.

The trailer is very NSFW, of course.

Would you watch the Vomit Gore Trilogy?


Would you watch the Vomit Gore Trilogy?


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