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There are so many comedy movies releasing this year. Just last week, Warner Brothers released 'Barbershop: The Next Cut', now this Friday, they'll be dropping the comedy 'Keanu'. And if you're wanting to check it out, here's what to expect from such a comedy.

The movie comes with what nearly feels like a different take on the genre. The actors/comedians Keegan Key and Jordan Peele from Comedy Central's, 'Key & Peele' appear together again in what comes off as a sketch from their former series. Not a bad thing at all. It has actually made me miss the program even more, so it's great that they're featuring in movies now. The movie is about a cat. Yes, let it sink it. And it does deliver in all of its hilarity. We have so many faces appearing throughout that you'd nearly forget how silly the plot is. In the end, that's a comedy for you. Silly things, and 'Keanu' brought that.

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Mild Spoilers.

Now, things start off with an action packed shoot out. With remnants of 'The Matrix'. It is where Keanu escapes alive, which leads into Rell (Peele) circling the drain, after a huge break up. Later he adopts the feline, creating his very own healing process and that is where he and Clarence (Key) began this crazy adventure. Rell's healing is cut short after Keanu is kidnapped. That's where the fun picks up. The movie carries its own weight. We see these two infiltrating a gang's hideout, in order to retrieve the missing friend. Though the obstacles these two reach are far from realistic, it doesn't shy from the majority of comedies nowadays. Then again, not all comedies are meant to be taken serious. This movie trails behind such like 'Scary Movie' and 'Scary Movie 2', but that doesn't give its defeat. It's fun and witty. The cat-parodies are one of the best parts in the movie. With appearances from Method Man, Will Forte, Nia Long, Ana Farris and very briefly, Keanu Reeves, it slams us with jokes and quips. It's wild, exaggerated, burst-out-laughing funny and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Rate: 3/5

Check out 'Keanu' this Friday, April 29th.

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