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The Flash: Back To Normal

So, in tonight's episode of The Flash, 'Back To Normal', we got to deal with the immediate aftermath of Barry losing his speed, and losing Caitlyn in the process. It was a pretty solid episode in my opinion, so let's talk about it. Back To Normal did a great job during it's opening moments of showing what life is like for a speedless Barry Allen. How does he deal with being a normal human being again?

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This was actually my favorite part of the episode. They could have gone with pathos, but instead they went with humor. Good call. It was actually rather amusing watching Barry struggle to do what we do every day. We imagine superheroes as these god like figures who can do anything, then this episode shows Barry struggling with the most banal of tasks. Thing like sitting next to an obnoxious commuter on public transportation, waiting for coffee, slowly grinding his way through his work, or spilling his drink. This was done rather well and the wonderful Desmond Dekker's, Israelites showcased a certain levity which I enjoyed.

Caitlyn's Plight

We also caught up with Caitlyn in Zoom's lair where she finally got to meet her doppleganger Killer Frost. It was a fun scene and was cool to see Danielle Panabaker play off herself. It also showed the difference between the two characters with Caitlyn being reserved, and almost prudish, and Killer Frost oozing an evil sexiness. She even at one point basically asked Caitlyn why she keeps the twins locked up and offering wardrobe advice. The two were able to come up with a plan to escape, which was fun and also showed how resourceful Caitlyn can be, but also how naive she can be, trusting Killer Frost to help her get home once she helped her escape, which Frost did not do, instead trying to kill Caitlyn knowing that she was no longer of use to Zoom now that he had Caitlyn. This resulted in another unfortunate axing of a villainous doppleganger when Zoom rushed in at the last second and iced her............

see what I did there?
see what I did there?

Griffen Grey Was Just Okay (but not)

The episode definitely suffered from a weak villain who wasn't fleshed out very well at all. The one clever thing about Griffin Grey is that it allowed a look the flip side of the particle accelerator blast. Griffin Grey was an 18 year old kid with high hopes for his future, and a young woman whom he loved. On the night of the particle accelerator blast he lost it all.

In a bit of a Monkey's Paw situation, he was granted super strength which he found fun... for a while. Then he realized he also had a bad case of "Jack" syndrome and aged rapidly. In just two years he was in his 40's and that wouldn't do, so he kidnapped Harrison Wells. Why? Because Harrison Wells is like the Mr. Wolf of Star City. He gets shit done. So he tells Wells to reverse the aging.

Griffin Grey ends up duking it out with a speedless Flash and company, until he eventually falls dead of what I assume to be old age (we don't judge here) and Wells is rescued.

Griffin Grey's jacket is implausible
Griffin Grey's jacket is implausible

His big moment came at the end when Wells decided to focus on getting Barry's speed back. This is obviously all set up for next week's episode where it seems Team Flash will build and splode another particle accelerator. That will surely go off without a hitch, so it looks pretty damn cool and I'm excited to see where the rest of the season goes.

Oh Yeah

Some other bullshit happened in this episode that doesn't really matter, like Wally demanding Joe introduce him to Flash, Wells family drama, but none of that really effected the trajectory of the episode enough to be worth discussing.

So we'll see you guys next week for more Flash. We also have Arrow and Supernatural reviews going up tomorrow night and Penny Dreadful finally returns on Sunday, so look out for those. See you guys later.


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