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"My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive."

Anyone who has watched a single episode of the Flash will know this awesome line from the show's opening monologue, setting the tone and plastering a goofy smile on the face of every fan. However, it seems that lately this has been more of a title than actual fact. Every time my girlfriend says this line, she loves to throw quotes around 'fastest'. And in all honesty, every speedster on any earth seems to be faster than our hero in red. However, being the loyal fanboy I am, I firmly believe that Barry Allen is actually the fastest man alive. Now before you decide I'm a moron (I might be), just consider the following arguments.

1) Barry doesn't run that fast all the time

Think back to season one, where Iris had been kidnapped by Tony Woodward aka Girder, the dude with the metal skin. Barry had to reach 837 mph in order to create enough force to compromise Girder's metal structure. In doing so, he broke the sound barrier (only requires 767 mph), creating a sonic boom.

I don't know about you guys, but during a normal episode of the Flash, I don't see the air displacement that would be caused by a sonic boom. All I see is one of my favorite superheroes running around, electricity streaking out behind him, and causing havoc for every newspaper stand in Central City. This highlights the fact that Barry doesn't run as fast as he actually can all the time. In fact, in order to break the sound barrier, Barry had to run 5.3 miles straight at Girder. In any of the fights that Barry's had against other speedsters, he's had to do quite a lot of twisting and turning, so he physically cannot run that fast in a straight line during those fights. Tie it in with other factors, and the fact that Barry keeps losing to other speedsters makes a lot more sense.

2) All other speedsters are artificially enhanced

Everyone has to admit this one: every other speedster that Barry has gone up against has been artificially enhanced, making them faster than our hero. The Reverse-Flash relied on tachyon enhancements, Zoom has been juicing himself up on Velocity-9, as was Trajectory, This is probably the main reason for them being much faster than Barry, with Zoom being 3x faster than Barry. In the 'Vs Zoom' episode, with tachyon enhancements, Barry was 4x faster than his usual speed, also making him faster than Zoom. While some might argue that tachyon enhancements are probably a better solution than Velocity-9, producing greater speed, I would argue that any sort of enhancement would make you faster than a normal speedster. This is probably why Barry keeps losing to other speedsters, just as steroid-using athletes generally tend to win in real-life competitions.

3) The Flash hasn't reached his full potential yet/ he won't let himself reach his full potential

What a lot of us like about the Flash is that he's always growing, from just being super fast, to being fast enough to catch bullets easily, break the sound barrier, and even go back in time. This shows that there's room for him to become better, and that he's not reached his full potential yet, leaving room for insane possibilities. This shows that even if Barry isn't the fastest man right now, he will be later. He will become the fastest man alive. There is also the possibility that the Flash is purposely holding himself back. This was explored in the comics, in which Barry fought Professor Zoom recently. It explained that every time the Flash is losing a fight, he is doing it because he is purposely holding back, not wanting to use his maximum potential, as that would tear a hole in the fabric of space and time. This is an interesting concept, one that would explain a lot as to why Barry loses.

4) He would be really boring if he never lost

Let's face it, if the Flash never lost, he'd be pretty damn boring. We'd all stop watching, because who wants an invincible super hero? We already have Superman, a hero who is basically a God, and even he loses sometimes. Need proof? Look at above gif again for Christ's sake. Superman's been beaten to a pulp by Batman, Darkseid, been killed by Doomsday, and had his ass handed to him by god knows how many people. Even a character who is said to be one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe gets beaten up occasionally because of the writers, so I think its okay if the producers of the Flash let him get beaten once in while.

So what do you think? Let me know your thoughts down below!!


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