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Whether you're a Netflix newb or a seasoned binge-watcher, these tips will help you maximize your Netflix experience and minimize the amount of time you spend in TV show limbo. With over 7,000 titles available for U.S. users, it can often be frustrating when you can't seem to find something you want to watch. Stress no more, these Netflix tips and tricks will change the way you use Netflix forever.

Tip 1: Tell Netflix What You Like and What You've Watched

Don't get me wrong, diving in head first works, and will eventually result in a fairly tailored Netflix experience based on what you watch. But, the best way to improve your Netflix dashboard, and your ability to find content you actually want to watch, is to rate titles you've seen before. It isn't fun, but a new Netflix user who rates the titles they've already seen and completes any Netflix preference surveys, will have a significantly more personalized Netflix dashboard than someone who just watches things. This is one of the few times we recommend sharing as much personal information as possible, because the more Netflix knows about you, the better the content can be filtered to your preferences. Don't worry, here's how Netflix uses your information:

Netflix takes every rating you give a movie into account when it estimates the star rating you'll give a new movie[.] It's true. Netflix compares your taste to similar users who watched a movie and uses the information to estimate whether or not you'll like a film.
Netflix takes every movie you watch into account when developing your Taste Profile. This helps it recommend videos from a pool of 76,897 genres.


Tip 2. You Can Delete Your Viewing History

Now that you've told Netflix way too much about what you like to watch, you're probably wondering how to delete this information. Concealing your browsing history from your family members, friends, and roommates is very easy, you simply log on to, go to the 'Your Account' tab and scroll down to 'My Profile,' there you'll see a link to your 'Viewing Activity' where you can cull your dirty secrets from existence.

3. Utilize the 'My List' Ability

Your list is important because it's the only category on your Netflix dashboard that you have (or can have) full control over. This means two things: if you don't use it, it won't be very useful, and it can be very useful if used well.

Here are two ways you can potentially utilize the 'My List' category on Netflix to improve your experience. One option is to load up your list with shows and movies you think look interesting, then use the 'Netflix Suggests' option on the 'Order in My List' page. This will allow Netflix to suggest the titles you'd most likely enjoy the most and display them as a recommendation queue under 'My List.' The second option is to save content you love and use 'Manual Order' on your list, thus creating a personal top list that you can jump back to whenever.

4. Use Additional Websites to Find What to Watch Next

At the end up the day, it can be difficult to decide what to watch, but rather than continuing to scroll in the hope of finding some gem, the savvy Netflix user utilizes outside websites to find what to binge-watch next. There are a number of websites, blogs, and communities where you can get recommendations, browse genres, and find great content on Netflix. Here are some of our favorites:

  • InstantWatcher - A great way to search Netflix videos
  • FlickSurfer - Search movies or TV shows by genre and other filters
  • /Netflixbestof - Reddit community focused on Netflix recommendations
  • BingeWorthy - The highest rated TV series on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

5. Force High-Quality Streaming (Optional)

If you're the type of person who needs high-quality resolution, you can switch your 'Playback Settings' from 'Auto' to 'High Quality.' The default setting allows Netflix to optimize your stream based on your internet connection. But, if you're feeling confident in your internet connection, or simply desire the best things in life, you can adjust your setting for high-quality streaming.

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