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The DC versus Marvel debate is one that has gone on for quite some time now, and many fans feel the need to align themselves with one side or the other. The rivalry has reached new heights, especially with the divisive reception received by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A lot of people found it to be lackluster and not what they were expecting at all, while others found it to be a masterpiece in comic book movies and praised it as such. It's been a pretty intense internet debate as to who is right.

While the fans seem to be trying to make this Marvel vs DC scenario a thing, it looks like the actors are embracing each other. In an interview with BadTaste, two of Team Cap's teammates in Captain America: Civil War — Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon, and Sebastian Stan, who plays Winter Soldier — talked about Dawn of Justice.

Bucky and Falcon: Two handsome men.
Bucky and Falcon: Two handsome men.

The two have, in the past, joined some of the fans in poking fun at DC, but it was all in good fun. They actually have respect for what Dawn of Justice was able to accomplish with its characters. In the interview, Stan and Mackie were asked to elaborate on recent statements made by Mackie to Collider about Man Of Steel. Here is what Mackie had to say:

"The interesting thing about that interview, that whole conversation I was saying how much I like the character of Superman, and how I like the old superman and how it deterred from that line.

"But after seeing Batman v Superman, I'm very glad they brought it back. When I saw that movie, I was really excited about it because I said 'Ben Affleck would be a perfect Batman.' And when you watch the movie, he's the best thing about the movie because he shines as Batman."

So it seems that the actor's previous statements had been taken out of context, and he is a big fan of Batman in BvS as well as Ben Affleck's portrayal. No surprise there, since Affleck's Batman has been receiving a lot of praise and even jump-started the solo Bat film. We know Mackie found the film enjoyable, but how does Stan feel about Superman?

In the same interview, Stan talked about Christopher Reeve's Superman being so iconic. He even compared the character of Superman, as played by Reeve, to co-star Robert Downey Jr.'s performance of Iron Man:

"I'm biased because I really like Christopher Reeves. I like those movies. It's hard for me to ever get past that. Sometimes when you have someone like [Robert Downey Jr.], right? When you have an iconic performance like that, it's kind of hard to see someone else do it."

So it seems Stan really loves the Christopher Reeve Superman, but isn't putting down Henry Cavill's performance as Superman, either. The actors do seem to have a genuine respect for the film and that is always great to see. In a time when fans are trying to choose sides, it's always great to see the actors show support to one another. If there is something we can all take from this, it's that liking both Marvel and DC is totally fine. I mean, if the people who worked on the movies can appreciate each other, then why can't we do the same for both sides? You can check out the interview below.

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