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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comic series.

Despite being one of the cruelest villains in comic book (and soon to be TV) history, it's a bit strange to realize that we actually know very little about The Walking Dead's Negan. Sure, he has a harem of wives, a vicious weapon in the form of Lucille and a mouth like a sailor, but that was all post-apocalypse stuff. Who was he pre-apocalypse?

Well, thankfully our questions are slowly being answered in the 48-page story Here's Negan, which is being released four pages at a time in Image+ magazine. The first four pages of Here's Negan dropped yesterday and already we've had an insight into Negan's life before the apocalypse, including his occupation!

So What Exactly Did The First Four Pages Of Here's Negan Contain? Here's A Brief Overview:

Before the apocalypse, Negan plays ping pong in his garage against a bunch of kids who are revealed to be students of his (they all refer to him as Coach Negan). After winning the round, Negan trash talks the loser, who runs off upset and crying. Negan's wife/girlfriend comes out and scolds him for swearing at his students, worrying that he might lose his job because of his inappropriate language. Negan tells her that he needs to curse and demean the kids to maintain their respect and keep his status as the "cool teacher"; but before she can reply, she suddenly collapses and has a seizure. The page ends with Negan running toward her.

So there you have it: Negan was a coach or gym teacher before the apocalypse! I gotta say, it kind of makes sense, given that we've already seen how much Negan loves playing ping pong:

Negan plays ping pong in Issue 108.
Negan plays ping pong in Issue 108.

Not to mention the fact that his weapon of choice is a baseball bat. Also, in Issue 111 he mentions that he used to love playing pool in his pre-apocalypse life.

Negan talking to Spencer about pool in Issue 111.
Negan talking to Spencer about pool in Issue 111.

However, the revelation that he was a teacher/coach has been quite interesting for comic book fans, who were under the impression that Negan had a very different job in his former life. This misinformation came from the "Letter Hacks" section of Issue 143, where Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman told an enquiring fan that Negan used to be a used car salesman! But considering the information in Here's Negan, it appears that Kirkman was either joking or simply decided to go with something different.

Letter Hacks from Issue 143.
Letter Hacks from Issue 143.

The next four pages of Here's Negan will be released in May, though fans are already theorizing that Negan's wife/girlfriend might have been named Lucille (a theory I can totally get on board with), not to mention that given Negan's potty mouth and harsh teaching methods, there's also a theory that he could be a military veteran. What's your theory?

What do you think about Here's Negan and what do you hope future pages tell us?

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