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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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''Someone's taking all of these urban legends, and making them reality.''

In 1998, a smart, savvy horror movie came along that got us all checking the back seat. Urban Legend tapped into the fears propagated by stories whispered between kids, things that happened to a friend of a friend that we desperately hoped would never happen to us.

Maybe it's the nostalgia for turn of the millennium horror, or maybe it's a ghoulish fascination with Urban Legends and their real life counterparts, but 1998's Urban Legend really spoke to a whole generation of horror fans. Check out how the cast of this epic movie are looking now, in 2016.

Paul Gardener

Played by: Jared Leto

2016's Jared Leto is a long way from cutie Paul finding out who's killin' kids on campus. He's currently mailing rats and being generally deranged as the Joker in Suicide Squad, out August 5.

Natalie Simon

Played by: Alicia Witt

You may have seen Alicia Witt more recently on The Walking Dead as Carol's enemy, Paula, in Season 6's "The Same Boat." As you can see, she had a lovely time on set.

Brenda Bates

Played by: Rebecca Gayheart

Gayheart has taken a number of film and television roles since her great turn as Brenda in Urban Legend, with her longest stint being CSI-style thriller Vanished.

Parker Riley

Played by: Michael Rosenbaum

From slasher movie stab-fodder to superhero villain deluxe, Rosenbaum starred as Lex Luthor in 154 episodes of Smallville before voicing over 50 episodes of The Justice League.

Reese Wilson

Played by: Loretta Devine

Loretta is best known for her turns as Marla Hendricks on Boston Public and Adele Webber on Grey's Anatomy, but the spirit of security-conscious Reese Wilson lives on; Niecy Nash's Officer Denise Hemphill in Scream Queens is obviously inspired by the Urban Legend character.

Damon Brooks

Played by: Joshua Jackson

After flying the Dawson's Creek nest, Joshua Jackson clocked almost 100 episodes for TV's Fringe and is currently in Showtime's The Affair. You may also have spotted his good-natured spoof of himself on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt recently.

Sasha Thomas

Played by: Tara Reid

After getting murdered by an axe-wielding maniac in Urban Legend, Tara moved on to her best known movie roles: Vicky Lathum in the American Pie movies and April Wexler in the Sharknado trilogy.

Dean Adams

Played by: John Neville

After a long acting career that began in the 1950s, the great John Neville passed away in 2011.

Weird Janitor

Played by: Julian Richings

From Cube to Percy Jackson, you'll have seen Richings in a whole bunch of stuff. This is hardly surprising — he's been in over 50 movies and 20 TV shows!

Professor Wexler

Played by: Robert Englund

The one and only Freddy Krueger has a fiendishly long list of movie credits, with many more lovely horror projects to his name. Watch out for Englund in 2016s upcoming chiller Nightworld.

What's the freakiest Urban Legend you know?

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