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In the world of comic books it's almost impossible to read everything out there. Most of the time great stories with rich characters and smooth storytelling usually becomes a hidden a gem, never seeing the light of day. Sometimes it's finally getting around to that comic book you've heard so much about, but never had the chance to read for yourself. Other times we stumble upon that one book you never expect to come across whether it be hearing about it by a fellow comic book reader, finding it in your local comic shop, or even seeing it as a TV show, it's a great experience nonetheless. So here are my recommendations on comics to check out if you're looking for a new story, or iconic story lines you haven't gotten around to reading yet with breathtaking artwork and seamless writing.


Starting off with one of my favorite picks on this list. This stunning book published by comic company Aspen is a fantastic, fast-paced adventure about a young woman named Lola trying to find her family in the "The Wasteland" of post-apocalyptic USA. While traveling throughout her disastrous journey, she encounters dangers in the world she was hidden from for many years. Creator, writer, and artist Siya Oum brings us a tale of animosity in the apocalypse, and the dangers we face every day while trying to survive.

The Strain

This horrifying and shocking vampire comic published by Dark Horse Comics is truly a unique and terrifying comic that will have to wanting more. Story by, Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan, and David Lapham really lend their perfect and twisted writing to the spine-chilling art of Mike Huddleston. This is a story about a parasite that enters the body only to turn the victim into a blood-seeking vampire. If you don't feel like checking out the comic book watch the TV series on FX returning for its third season very soon.

The Walking Dead

This graphic novel now turned award-winning show on AMC is a dark and gruesome book created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore published by Image Comics. The book provides intense writing, and gut-wrenching situations that Rick Grimes and his group constantly get thrown into. With threats coming from both the living and the dead alike, this zombie apocalypse story is sure to deliver to be a great page-turner to pass the time!

Batman: The Killing Joke

With the DC animated movie coming out soon, I thought I had to mention the iconic Batman tale on the list. If you haven't read this masterpiece, I suggest looking into it. It's sure to put a smile on your face (sorry for the pun)! Published by, you guessed it, DC Comics, it's a controversial story penned by Alan Moore, with flawless artwork by Brian Bolland. With the book exploring who the Joker is, to his horrific antics, it's a book no comic book fan should be without!

Infinity Gauntlet

This timeless story arc published by Marvel Comics is written by Jim Starlin, with captivating artistry by George Perez and Ron Lim. With the book following the mad Titan Thanos, with the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession, and his desperate attempt to win the love of the character Death, wipes out half of the lives on Earth wishing to please her. The remaining heroes left on Earth band together to stop the mad Titan. With the MCU bringing the Infinity War to the big screen in just a few short years, now is the perfect time to catch up and read this truly amazing story arc!

I hope with this list, it can help you decide what to read next! Did you like my recommendations? Any comic books you would suggest? Let me know down below in the comments!


Which book will you check out?


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