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With Robert Downey Jr. speaking out about his desire to lead in another solo Iron Man movie, it seems as if it's only a matter of time before we can start dusting off our power suits in preparation for Iron Man 4.

The Iron Man franchise has seen Tony Stark face off against a blistering platoon of villains (to read about the lessons he learned from his struggles, click on 5 Life Lessons Marvel Taught Us Through Iron Man). There was Whiplash, the wacko Russian guy who wouldn't stop playing with his bird in 2. Then there was the fake figurehead Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley in 3. Their eccentricity means the possibilities are endless!

The prospect of a new movie has made it imperative to fancast the insane characters we'd like to see in the next cinematic outing. Here are six of the nastiest, craziest denizens of the Iron Man world who producers over at the MCU should definitely consider letting Tony Stark grapple with.

More Mandarin!

The genius scientist with 10 power fingers should definitely make an appearance in the next movie. It could focus on his revenge after his defeat in Iron Man 3 at the hands of none other than Pepper Potts. There's acres of other plots from the comics to tap into for Iron Man 4 — Mandarin's inclusion could address topical issues by summoning terrorist organizations from all over the world.

Titanium Man

The power suit of Stark could meet its match with armor made from a metal that's one-upped in strength. The comics sees ex-KGB agent Boris Bullski donning the titanium garb in an effort for the Soviet Union to technologically outpace the United States with a super soldier assassin. Titanium Man could be updated for the 21st century, with one of today's many aggressive world superpowers inventing the suit instead of the Soviets.

The Blood Brothers

These massive aliens act as the guard dogs of the first base Mad Titan Thanos made on Earth. Their tremendous strength would create incredible potential for massive fight scenes, with Stark probably forced to draw on his other skills in order to defeat them. In Iron Man 4 they could be introduced using brilliant visual effects.


With Mandarin out of the way, it might be an idea to continue his legacy via one of his progeny. Mandarin found Ultimo in a volcano and updated him, programming him to attack Iron Man. Ultimo is a superlative kinda guy — he's almost indestructible and can move at a pace of up to 100mph. Oh, and he can fire beams from his eyes, à la Superman. He would look incredible on the silver screen and perhaps be an addition the MCU could revisit from time and again.


This frosty supervillain suit, donned most effectively in the comics by Donald Gill, could make an awesome impact in the next Iron Man. Producers have already nodded their approval with his appearance in two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a student designing a weather machine. He gets shot, but his body is never found — opening up the possibility of his reappearance in the Iron Man world, angrier and more dangerous than before. His cryogenic suit means he could attempt to freeze Iron Man with his rays, or at least batter the hell out of him.

Living Laser

Iron Man might meet his match in facing someone with an equal blasting capacity. Arthur Parks is also a gifted scientist and can create powerful lasers capable of slicing people up. There's even potential for a double team here, as the Living Laser has also posed as the deceased Titanium Man in order to taunt Tony in the comics.

Can You Remember The Villains Of The First Three Movies?

Iron Man in 2008 introduced us to Marvel Studio's very first supervillain Raza (Faran Tahir) as well as traitorous father-figure Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges).

The next movie ushered in psychopathic man-bun-sporting Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) and smooth-talking defense contractor Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell).

Iron Man 3 saw the fake Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and then of course the real Mandarin (Guy Pearce). They were joined on screen by malevolent Brandt (Stephanie Szostak), the powerful product of the twisted Extremis virus.

It's time to get some new villains in to stop Iron Man from getting rusty.

Which villain would you like Stark to beat the crap out of in the next Marvel movie?


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