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Heather Snowden

Beyoncé's Lemonade has been blowing minds across the world since HBO's 27-hour stream of the visual album, yet it's probably fair to say that nobody's brain seems to have been as literally blown away as Anne Hathaway's.

Though she hath a way with dramatics, obviously, her Instagram reaction video to Beyoncé's latest offering is as cute as it is face-palmingly cringeworthy. Check it out:

Although I bet you're now as speechless as ol' Hath is in this bizarre tribute to Queen B, I think we can all fairly conclude that she enjoyed the album. Like, a lot.

Why she's listening to Beyoncé's 2008 track "Halo," rather than one of Lemonade's 12 tunes has been left open to interpretation, but one can probably safely assume it's got something to do with worshipping the ass off her new "Empress," Queen B.

Has Anne Hathaway lost her mind?


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