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Varia Fedko-Blake

Leonardo DiCaprio is a pretty cool guy. We all know that.

Not only has he repeatedly proven himself to be the perfect specimen of man, an expert at avoiding screeching fans in his conquest to hook up with the next Victoria's Secret model, a proud bearer of a prestigious Academy Award, and a passionate humanitarian, but he's now also let his true talent shine through in the art of selfie-taking. Kimmy K better watch out.

Almost a week ago, Leo attended a historic milestone at the United Nations that saw the signing of the Paris Agreement — a monumental climate pact. And alongside giving inspiring speeches on the growing threat of environmental change, lovely Leo took the time to bring joy unto the world.

Yes, guys. That is indeed what appears to be a selfie taken by Leonardo DiCaprio. If deemed essential, feel free to take a 30-second pause to let it all sink in.

The best part of the entire moment is that he's just as happy as we are with how it turned out — he's so perfect that an Instagram filter or touch-up isn't even necessary. Here he is giving himself a golden seal of approval:

Leo, what a man!

Are you overjoyed that you got to lay your eyes on Leo's first ever selfie?


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