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Now, in a year in which Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has already broken almost every every record it came up against and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proved that it's entirely possible to make $850 million dollars and still be widely considered a failure, you might think that the most exciting box office action is already behind us.

Except, of course, that Marvel Studios is yet to step up to the plate in 2016 - and when Marvel's at bat, it has a tendency to knock things out of the park. For instance...

It Looks as Though Captain America: Civil War is Going to Make a Whole Lot of Money

As in, 'it might break $200 million on its opening weekend' sort of money. Deadline is currently predicting a $190 million plus opening in the US for the movie, and with Civil War currently making more in advance sales than any previous Marvel movie, it's entirely possible that it could ultimately take in even more than The Avengers' $207.4 million opening haul.

Even a conservative end result - say, somewhere in the region of $180 million - would be seen as a major coup for Marvel in the wake of Warner Bros' Batman v Superman's comparative box office failure, especially considering that Civil War currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% (versus Dawn of Justice's 27%).

Add in an anticipated international haul this weekend (the movie opens in most markets a week earlier than the US) of around $200-230 million, then, and it looks as though Captain America: Civil War is set to make a whole lot of money for Marvel Studios over the next two weekends.

Whether that success will prove quite great enough to beat The Avengers' opening domestically remains to be seen - but with reviews extremely positive, and fan interest high, it looks increasingly likely that Civil War is going to get well past the billion dollar mark worldwide.

It may not be quite a grand slam just yet - but it looks as though the bases just got loaded...

The big question now, then?


Which movie do you think will win the DC/Marvel box office battle this year?

via Deadline


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