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The Joker is Robin! So says a groundbreaking new theory based on the imagery of Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad. This is earth-shaking stuff. Universe-bending, galaxy-warping, terrifying stuff.

Robin is Batman's Batboy. The Joker is Batman's nemesis. Them being the same is like Lex Luthor secretly being Superman's mom. Then again, they do say there is a thin line between love and hate.

Imgur user Gaming Greats has drawn some uncanny parallels between Leto's notorious funnyman and Batman's sidekick. Look at the semi-distinct tattoo visible on Leto's right arm:

Source: Gaming Greats
Source: Gaming Greats

Notice anything? No? Look a little closer.

Still not got it? You fool. It's a robin!

Clear as the Batmobile (or not) the blurry image could be the posterior of a robin perched on a branch.

While it may be debatable here, a closer look at other images of this Joker's tattoos confirm the likelihood of a feathery friend being emblazoned on his bicep:

This theory kind of holds up alongside The Joker's controversial tattoo policy in Suicide Squad, which seems to pay homage mostly to himself through symbols.

If The Joker had another identity he would probably celebrate it with an unsubtle tattoo. The harlequin skull, "ha ha's", deck of cards and giant smile take getting your name written on yourself to a whole new level.

But that's not all.

Can you see Robin in this picture?

Not yet? Compare him to the Robin statue in the batcave in Batman v Superman:

Bingo — Joker has the same way of holding a long thin object as Robin does! Dead giveaway.

This second clue of the connection between Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman is supported by a theory from Redditor Death By Request. Eight months ago the user wrote:

"I highlight two diffrent spot [sic] on the Joker that looks to be some sort of gunshot, puncture wound, or burn. I also highlight two similar spots on Robin's suit that appear to be a gunshot, puncture, or burn mark."

What do you reckon? When the question of this Joker = Robin theory arose around Zack Snyder's BvS the director did not hesitate to debunk it. With his movie, the rumor had gathered momentum as a way of explaining Batman's uncharacteristically aggressive behaviour. Snyder told IGN in March:

"Robin had died 10 years earlier, during some run in with a young Joker,” he said. “To me, it was a fun backstory … to play with."

The only way to find the truth about this questionable theory will be to watch Suicide Squad when it comes out on 5 August.

Watch the thrilling Suicide Squad trailer:

Could The Joker In Suicide Squad Be Robin?

Source: Gaming Greats


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