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The connections between Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Alien have long plagued debates amongst fans, with many consulting the story timeline and arguing that the 2012 movie was 100 percent the origin story for Alien. However, a while back, a screenshot from the steel-book version of Prometheus hinted that the link went much, much deeper — all suggested by a very decisive nod toward Scott's other sci-fi juggernaut, Blade Runner.

Back then, a Reddit user kindly pulled this snap from the UK release of Prometheus, potentially proving once and for all that Blade Runner and Alien take place in the same universe. It's screenshot of an un-encrypted message by Peter Wayland, the founder and CEO of Weyland Corp:

The relevant bit of text reads:

A mentor and long-departed competitor once told me that it was time to put away childish things and abandon my 'toys.' He encouraged me to come work for him and together we would take over the world and become the new Gods. That's how he ran his corporation, like a God on top of a pyramid overlooking a city of angels. Of course, he chose to replicate the power of creation in an unoriginal way, by simply copying God. And look how that turned out for the poor bastard. Literally blew up in the old man's face. I always suggested he stick with simple robotics instead of those genetic abominations he enslaved and sold off-world, although his idea to implant them with false memories was, well... 'amusing,' is how I would put it politely.

So, what did we learn from this? Well, I'm sure you agree that the above implies that Peter Weyland's "mentor and long-departed competitor" was Eldon Tyrell — the head of the Tyrell Corporation whose office was on top of a pyramid and who played a central role in developing the replicants' minds and memories in Blade Runner. As we all know, he met a rather horrendous end due to his involvement:

As you can see, it all quite "literally blew up in the old man's face" at the hands of android replicant Roy Batty. Additionally, "those genetic abominations he enslaved and sold off-world" must clearly refer to the replicants from Blade Runner.

Peter Weyland v. Eldon Tyrell
Peter Weyland v. Eldon Tyrell

Although the above might just be an innocent little Easter Egg for hardcore fans, it could mean more.

Could this be Scott's clue to fans that the two universes will directly share the universe in the future? Could it happen in Blade Runner 2 or perhaps could it be one of the things we would love to see in the upcoming Alien: Covenant?

Admittedly, the first image from the installment doesn't tell us much regarding this, but who knows what's milling around at the heart of the production.

Do you think Alien and Blade Runner share the same universe?



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