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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
Meghann Elisa

There's no denying that Bella Thorne is a beautiful girl who is young, talented and well-liked by literally millions of her peers. What could Bella, of all people, have to worry about? Well, it actually turns out that the former Disney star was plagued with one particular problem for a long time.


In a new interview with InStyle magazine, Bella candidly spoke of her persistent spot struggles to I Am That Girl's Emily Greener:

"I cried every night for months. It sounds silly to say that I cared so much about my face, but when you're a young girl, it takes a toll on your self-esteem. It's unbelievable how people looked at me differently because I had pimples. I'm still self-conscious about it."

I feel you, Bella. Growing up with acne is hard enough on its own, I can't imagine what it must be like under the intense scrutiny that comes with being under the spotlight. Through it all, however, the Scream teen has found a way to keep her head up: laughter. She continued:

"Friends have told me I'm a good person to have around when they are going through a tough time because I find a way to make them laugh, which is the biggest compliment. You have to take a deep breath, realize that whatever is stressing you out is not the end of the world, and trust that you'll move on."

Sometimes a little perspective is all it takes, but I really respect Bella for speaking out on this issue. Let it serve as a gentle reminder that Hollywood stars, no matter how flawless they may appear, are not immune to the everyday battles that come with being human. You can learn more about I Am That Girl, which works to improve the way young women treat themselves and each other, here.

Do you think more celebs should speak out like Bella?


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