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Arrow bid adieu to Laurel Dinah Lance a.k.a. the Black Canary during last night. In the episode titled "The Canary Cry", we got to see an emotional farewell for Laurel, Tommy's funeral (that had been due from the very beginning of Season 2), a cameo from the Flash and Madison McClaughlin as the new Black Canary (I had totally called it!). But there was something that was missing.

Why wasn't Sara present at Laurel's funeral?

Sara was missing from her sister's funeral and it makes no sense. While we understand that Sara is at a different time and place fighting against Vandal Savage and neither Team Arrow nor her parents have any method of contacting her, she should have been in this episode. Why? Well, because she had filmed a scene with Quentin Lance at the graveyard at which Laurel was buried.

Last month, a couple of photos leaked from the sets of Arrow. One of these photos showed Sara in front of Laurel's grave, with her father, grieving her sister. But the scene wasn't a part of the episode.

Why even shoot the scene if it is not included in the episode? Could it be a part of an upcoming Legends of Tomorrow scene? We'll have to wait for the upcoming episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, for the questions to be answered.

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