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When recommending this movie I have to recommend with caution because this movie will be very divisive. I don't really want to call this movie arthouse because it's not really that weird but it has some weird elements in it. All I can say is a lot of people will dismiss this movie as pretentious crap.

Ultimately what this movie is about is the collapse of society. It follows Tom Hiddleston's character Laing who just moved into this massive high rise apartment building that it is a sort of self-contained society. It has recreational faculties, a supermarket, a school but the building is divided up into classes. So when the building is not functioning as it should be the upper class, upper upper class,upper middle class and the middle class begin to clash.

I thought that Tom Hiddleston's character was interesting because he is not very clear. He moves there because he says he wants to invest in the future but then he is talking about a family tragedy. He is a very layered character and his personality is not very clear. Tom Hiddleston did an excellent job at portraying this character and the rest of the cast was also really good. A stand out would be Luke Evans he was pretty great in this movie. He played this mad, eccentric tv report and he stole the show in places.

The screenplay is based on a novel of the same name written by J.G. Ballard and the screenplay itself is written by Amy Jump. I think she did a great job. This movie does not have a really specific genre because it is futuristic and dystopian but it has this 70's vibe weaved throughout it. It has elements of psychological thriller but also black comedy. All those elements are not a mess, they work really well. I also have to hand it to Ben Whitley who directed this because I think he did an absolutely great job. This movie has a unique style. There are some really cool, creative and gorgeous shots in the movie.

The only real complaint I have about the movie was that there was a part in the movie when the story was not really moving forward and it was dragging. I though it could be speed up but it's only like 10-15 minutes of the movie so it's not that bad. I also thought the the decent into madness itself was a bit rushed, I think it would have been better if they took their time a bit more.

Overall I think it's a very good movie with some minor pacing issues. If you like these sort of wired arthouse movies I think you should definitely check this out and if you don't I still think you should give this movie a chance. It's not a perfect film but in my opinion it's a good film.


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