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It seemed pretty likely that once beta field testing began on the hugely anticipated Pokemon GO that it would be difficult to keep a lid on the finer details.

But the flood of leaks, screencaps, and gameplay details coming out first from Japan (and now Australia and New Zealand) has more than surpassed whatever we anticipated, and we've actually got a pretty good handle on what to expect from the upcoming AR game at this point.

But another new leak has come out of the Australian beta testing, and it's perhaps the most exciting one yet. A 9-minute long video was posted by GAME Previews on YouTube earlier this week, and it showcases some impressive gameplay footage.

Trainer Customization

Running right from the start of the game, the new video takes us through the trainer customization, which is the most expansive seen in any Pokémon game yet. Not only can you choose your Trainer Avatar's race and gender, you can edit the finer details of their look right down to eye color and clothing design.

Getting Started

From the new footage we can see you begin the game with a Lv. 1 Trainer, no Pokémon or eggs, one grayed-out entry in the Pokédex (Bulbasaur), and 20 Pokéballs. You have space to hold 500 Pokémon and 1000 items in your itinerary.

As you move through the world the bottom of your screen displays grayed-out images of nearby Pokémon in the wild.

Gym Battles

Before you can battle in a gym you are required to join one of the game's three teams — Blue, Red, or Yellow — the team names being a clear throwback to the earliest Gameboy games in the series. You are given the opportunity to join a team when you encounter your first gym.

Once you've taken control of a gym you can deploy Pokémon from your itinerary to defend the gym against other attackers. You can't use them in battle while they're defending the gym though, so pick carefully.


The battle mechanic opens with some familiar music as the main Pokémon battle theme plays. And the new footage gives us our best look yet at how the AR Pokémon will appear when using the camera device, as the player encounters a Porygon and various other Pokémon in the wild.


We'd previously suspected that Pokéstops would be the Pokémon GO equivalent of PokéMarts, but it looks like they're more closely linked to Ingress's portals. The footage shows a Pokéstop in action. Pokéstops are located at various locations throughout the world, and comprise of an icon with a spinning disk center. Spinning the disk causes bubbles to pop out, and you burst these bubbles to get to the items inside.

To watch the full video, you can check out all the shiny new footage via this link here.

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Source: GAME Previews (via YouTube)


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