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This is quick post about a Batman animated movie I saw today that brightened my world and I want to share the joy. I had never heard of Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem until today. I am so very glad I stumbled across and gave it a whirl. I think you should too. I am currently off work and feeling very ill, so was looking for something to take my mind of it and cheer myself up a bit. This film not only did that but made me laugh out loud more than some comedy films I have seen recently. It is so much fun.

I wrote in my last post about how much I am looking forward to the darkness of The Killing Joke as an animated movie.

This is still true. However, I am not all doom and gloom so I enjoy a chuckle as much as the next person. I know Batman is not synonymous with big belly laughs and a jolly tone, but it is nice to have something different every once in awhile, and this is certainly a different Batman movie and may be something to watch as a light-hearted antidote after the severity of The Killing Joke's themes.

If you are super serious about Batman then you probably won't like this movie. That is all fine and dandy. If you like Batman and are not worried about being serious, then this is for you. As a wise man once said 'Why so serious?'. This is being a kid at home on summer holidays kind of fun. I like to think the makers and voice actors had as much fun making it as I did watching.

So, let me set the scene. Solomon Grundy and Silver Banshee escape Arkham on Halloween night. They meet up with Scarecrow and Clayface to help The Joker with his madcap plan to unleash a computer virus on Gotham. Batman is joined by Nightwing, Red Robin, Green Arrow and Cyborg to stop them.

I could have written an entire post about how much I enjoyed Solomon Grundy in this movie. He is the perfect little undead cherry on top of this movie pie, although I suspect it would not taste that good. I tried for ten minutes to find a picture of him on a little pizza delivery bike as it filled my heart with joy, but the closest I could was this. Still, I hope you get the idea. Fred Tatasciore really did a great job with the voice for Grundy Here are some of his highlights.

  • 'Solomon Grundy is great actor.'
  • Enforcing GCPD to play games of hide and seek when he is made Chief of Police.
  • (In a very injured tone to Commissioner Gordon as Grundy is being led away in handcuffs) 'When we played Hide and Seek, Solomon Grundy let you win.'

I have to say the screenplay by Heath Corson is hilarious. There are so many funny moments and so many nice touches. There is the kid that requests a selfie with Batman, Silver Banshee singing badly atop a float in a parade and the concept of Joker Town (which I have to say I would visit on my holidays, but I would get really good insurance first). And then there are moments that have to be seen to be fully appreciated. I think the animators did a great job with this movie and captured the same sense of fun as the script.

There's something about the look on Batman's face when The Joker turns him into Fatman in a virtual reality battle that makes me smile. A sort of 'Not cool Joker, not cool.'

My inner child was screaming I WANT ONE when I saw this. Yes. There is a Batasaurus Rex in this movie.

Not to be outdone, The Joker has his own robot.

Special mention also goes to Troy Baker for his version of The Joker. I love Troy Baker because of Bioshock Infinite and my respect for him is enhanced with every performance he gives because they can be so ridiculously different. If Mark Hamill ever hangs up his mic, then Troy gets my vote to replace him as the main voice of The Joker. He also delivers my favourite line from the movie with aplomb.

Joker: At least I went down doing what I love. Mocking you...Batdork.'

All in all, this a great fun little movie that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. If you have seen it let me know what you think. If you check it out after reading this, then also let me know what you think. After The Killing Joke, we're going to need some light-hearted entertainment and this may be the perfect viewing experience! I hope you enjoy it.


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