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So Quentin Tarantino is my favourite non-horror director. He is hands down my favourite screenwriter mainly due to his great, casual dialogue. So for this list, I'm picking my top 5 favourite films that he either directed, wrote, or both. Let's get right in.

5. True Romance

To my understanding this is the is the first full length script Quentin finished. There are a lot of similarities to the first thing he ever shot, a short film called My Best Friends Birthday. I'll include a link to the short film at the end.

So if you haven't seen this one, it follows Clarence, a film loving. music loving, and comic loving guy who meets a girl named Alabama. They fall fast for each other and to keep it short, some troubles arise.

The script is classic Tarantino. This actually would've been much higher on the list had it been just as it was it Tarantino's screenplay. The producers cut and pasted his script to a linear form, rather than the non-linear structure Tarantino had wrote it in.

The other change is a spoiler so if you haven't seen True Romance or read the script, don't read the next part if you wish to.

Okay so at the end of the film, Clarence and Alabama are doing a big coke deal with a movie producer, Lee Donowitz. One of the guys with them is wearing a wire and the cops are nearby. The coke they are selling was stolen from a pimp so the mob is also after them. Not long after the cops bust in, the mob comes in too. A shootout ensues and in the process Alabama thinks Clarence gets shot and killed but it turns out it was just blood in his eyes.

Now in Tarantino's ending in the script, Clarence his actually shot and killed. It's a sadder but much better ending in my opinion. It makes the final shot in the film and Alabama's final lines in the film much more powerful.

4. Pulp Fiction

So I really couldn't make a top Tarantino films list without including this one. It's the film that launched him into fame and won him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1994.

Now this film follows a few stories that slightly cross paths throughout the film. It has a great non-linear structure, plenty of profanity and violence Basically everything fun about a Tarantino film. My favourite part is below but DO NOT read it if you haven't seen it. You will miss out on the funniest part of the film.

So the part that I thought was best was just after the freak occurrence (or divine intervention) and Jules, Vincent, and Marvin are riding in the car. You know where this is going. So Vincent leans over toward the back seat to talk to Marvin and in the middle of his sentence, his pistol goes off, shooting Marvin in the head, spray blood and brains all over the back windshield. Vincent then calmly states, "Aw man, I shot Marvin in the face." I never laughed so hard from a film in my life.

3. From Dusk 'Till Dawn

So me being a huge fan of horror, I absolutely loved this film. The way it starts off seeming to be a crime film about two brothers, but then just takes a hard left and becomes a vampire film. It's a fun horror film with plenty of laughs and gore. As well as some serious moments as well.

Thought Quentin didn't direct this one, he did write and act in it. Quentin is a great actor as well and is know to appear in many of his films. His character in this one is the most interesting to me. His is a psychotic rapist and murderer, which works in good contrast to his brother who is a very professional criminal.

There is also a great cameos of Tom Savini, the fucking godfather of horror fx and Cheech, who actually plays more than one character. This is the most fun of Tarantino's film for sure.

2. Inglourious Basterds

So this is not only my favourite WWII film but possibly my favourite war film in general. I'm heavily torn between it and Full Metal Jacket.

So this is about a group of american soldiers, most of whom are jewish, going into france to one thing, and one thing only, kill Nazis. There is a major Nazi film event that they are getting into with the aid of a spy who is a German actress.

Some details change and Hitler ends up going which makes the operation far more crucial. The host of the venue, who is a Jewish girl posing as French, has no idea of this and also plans on taking them out as well.

It has plenty of awesome violences and even has kick ass horror director Eli Roth act in it as Donny Donowitz, who is actually, in Tarantino's shared universe, supposed to be the father of Lee Donowitz mentioned earlier.

1. Reservoir Dogs

So now this is and probably always will be my favourite Tarantino film. It's his first film released, which he wrote and Directed. The cast is perfect, which includes a small role played by Tarantino himself.

The plot is about 6 strangers trying to pull of a diamond heist. Since they don't know each other's names the all have color based code names. Mr. White, Blue, Brown, Blonde, Orange and Pink.

This film is famous for never actually showing us the heist but instead, showing us what happens before and after in an answers first, questions later style. So when shit goes wrong, they find out they have a rat in the group and need to find out who.

My favourite part of the whole film is Michael Madsen's character Mr. Blonde. To me he steals the show. The infamous ear scene from the movie shows just how awesome the character is.

Well that was my list, hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think below. Also is the link to Quentin's first short and a poll where you can let me know what your favourite Tarantino film is.


What is your favourite Tarantino film?


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