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Can you believe that it's been almost five years since the climactic ending of one of the most world renowned cinematic series ever created — Harry Potter? However, although years have passed, Hunger Games have been won and Mazes have been run, the Harry Potter world continues to live on in the hearts of fans of all nationalities and ages. Viria13 is one such fan, using her artistic skill and love of the wizarding world to created some of the most magical Harry Potter fan art ever. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

The Mischievous Marauders

We all know of the sad fates that befell the Marauders of Hogwarts, but how were these legendary jokers before darkness and death littered their paths? In the following fan art, Viria13 captures the Marauders at their peak — as children still exploring the mysterious passages of Hogwarts, even before the creation of the Marauder's Map. Below we can even see a side to these four Gryffindors that we never had the opportunity to see in the books or films.

James teasing Lupin about dementors? See: chocolate
James teasing Lupin about dementors? See: chocolate

After All This Time?

In this mesmerizing collision of colors we see the dark world of a young Severus Snape colliding with that of Lily Evans, which was filled with light and wonder. Even after all this time their story will always bring a tear to any Potterhead's eye.

Happy Memories

The artists also captures one of the happiest moments in the young Potters' lives — their wedding day. Draped in white and wearing a dashing suit, Lilly and James Potter really do look like the perfect fairytale couple. And then there is Sirius Black in a tux, making the pictures a 100 times better.

The Reign of the Weasley Twins

The era of the Marauders may have come to an untimely end, but not long after a new breed of Jokester arrived at Hogwarts — The Weasely Twins. Natural-born comedians, they brought the life back to Hogwarts. However, until Harry's arrival, we know very little of their conquests like their countless escapes from the horrible Finch or better yet, the unraveling of the Marauder's Map.

A New Generation

But of course, we cannot forget the most memorable era of Hogwarts — that of Harry Potter and his friends. We have laughed with them, cried with then, celebrated and even died with them. In the movies and books, we see Harry and his friends at their worst, when they are tired, hopeless and beaten. Yet, the artist manages to portray some of their happier and more joyous moments; a real sight for sore eyes if you ask me.

There has been a lot of Harry Potter fan art throughout the years, each one amazing and beautiful in its own way, but I believe that Viria13 truly captured the essence of the characters she portrays, giving them a truly magical effect.

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