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The Han Solo "solo" film is something that is highly anticipated among Star Wars fans. For the past few months, all everyone seems to be talking about is who should play the young smuggler. Whether it be Dave Franco or Ian Ingruber, there's still a lot to discuss. One person that seems to have been forgotten in this whole fan cast is one of Han Solo's old friends, Lando Carlissian. Lando was a prominent character in the original trilogy and many are wondering what he is up to in the current timeline during The Force Awakens. What I'm more interested in however is his backstory, and just how him and Han came to know each other. In order for them to get young Lando right, they need to cast him perfectly. Let's take a look at some people I think would be awesome in the role of Lando!

1. Donald Glover

Let ,me be the first to admit, I absolutely LOVE Donald Glover. Everything from his acting work, to his music catalog is simply sensational to me. I think he would be the perfect young Lando Calrissian. He definitely has the look, I could definitely see him and Dave Franco zooming around the galaxy on their never-ending adventure. He has a bravado about him as well that I could see a young Lando having. A bit overconfident and full of himself but also smart and tactical. Donald Glover would be my #1 choice for a young Lando, I think he would be amazing! !

2. Michael B. Jordan

As much as I love Donald Glover's acting career, I am even more in love with Michael B. Jordan's outstanding acting talents. Say what you will, but I really enjoyed Michael B. Jordan's performance in Fantastic Four and he was outstanding in Creed. He has the swagger and the bravado that come along with a character like Lando Calrissian. I think behind only Donald Glover, Michael B. Jordan is the man for the job!

3. Anthony Mackie

Yes! Anthony Mackie is becoming one of my favorite actors and and I think he would be awesome for this role! While he is bit older, I still think he could be fit into what we would want to see from young Lando. Age-wise he definitely is not ideal, but his amazing acting ability and his look line up perfectly for the role; I wouldn't be mad if Mackie was our next Lando!

4. Jaden Smith

Yes say what you will, I know that Jaden Smith his sometimes criticized in the media but there is no denying that this kid has talent. I may not be a fan of his social statements, but the kid can damn sure act. He would need to grow into the role a bit, but I think in a few years he would not only have the look, but the acting ability to accompany a young Han Solo. I think he is a rising star and could attain the same level of greatness as his father one day.

5. Corbin Bleu

Push it to the limit! This High School Musical star has been out of the public spotlight for a while, but I think he could return to major prominence as Lando! He has a really good Lando look to him and I am actually a very big fan of his work as an actor. Everything about his look just screams Lando to me and I would not be disappointed if I woke up tomorrow and he was cast!

We Need Young Lando!

If they do a young Han Solo film, they MUST include Lando Calrissian. Lando was always one of my favorite characters and I would love to learn how my two favorite smugglers came together! I think the 5 actors I chose are very good selections and I hope Disney takes them into consideration!


Who Should Play Young Lando?


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