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WARNING: First off, this article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS from The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

So here we are with the Top 9 Moments in the 'Arrow-Verse' that gave us goosebumps! If you haven't read Part 1 with the first 9 awesome moments, you can check that out here.

If you have, well then read on and enjoy!

#9. Flash v Arrow - The Flash S1 Ep08 'Flash vs Arrow'/Arrow S3 Ep08: 'The Brave & the Bold'

Here we have the first entry in the annual Arrow/The Flash crossover saga! Seeing these two icons come together in a two-night, two-episode 80 minute crossover was like something straight out of a comic book so both episodes from this crossover make the list. They had incredible moments, from the Arrow saving the Flash, to the Flash saving the Arrow - however, the most goosebump-filled moment was undoubtedly when the two heroes squared off in Central City. The Flash had fallen under Rainbow Raider's 'spell' and decided to take his rage out on an unsuspecting Eddie Thawne. There was only one man would could stop this Speed Demon, and that was...the Arrow. What followed was an epic collision between two comic-book icons.

#8. Firestorm goes Nuclear - The Flash S1, Ep 13: 'The Nuclear Man'

The ending of this episode and the start of the next one are like something out of a big budget film. The incredible effects used to bring this moment to life are something to be revered. But more than that, the sheer magnitude of this event was like something from a season finale. For the entirety of the season, the show had been teasing Ronnie's return. When he showed up as Firestorm, we knew something big was about to happen. The scene out in the badlands with Caitlin, Ronnie and Barry was moving, thrilling and incredibly emotional. Blake Neely's amazing score played as Ronnie erupted into flames and Firestorm went nuclear. This scene was extraordinary!

#7. Barry Runs Back in Time - The Flash S1, Ep 15: 'Out of Time'

I don't think I've ever seen a show that delivered so many season finale-esque moments in random mid-season episodes. The Flash never failed to shock us with awe-inspiring moments, visuals, twists and turns. This episode is a prime example. What started out like your typical villain-of-the-week episode as the Flash squared off against Weather Wizard, ended up with Barry and Iris having their long-awaited first kiss before Barry ends up revealing his true identity to her. And in an attempt to stop a tidal wave, he runs so fast that he ends up travelling back in time. Blake Neely's powerful score bellowed in the background and complemented the sheer epic scale of this scene perfectly. It remains one of The Flash's greatest moments!

#6. Return of the Green Arrow - Legends of Tomorrow S1, Ep 06: "Star City 2046"

This moment gave me chills. Absolute chills! Legends of Tomorrow has turned out to be one of the hidden gems of this past TV season. Many had written off the concept but believe me, upon watching it, it was a completely different story. Very well-paced and entertaining series that stays true to its parent shows. I only wish I could have added more moments from the series onto this list because it's so darn amazing! In what was arguably the show's greatest episode yet, the Legends crash land in 2046 to a very different Star City overrun with chaos and ruled by Deathstroke Jr. Grant Wilson. The new Green Arrow Connor Hawke is taken and captured by Wilson. Sara Lance (White Canary) fails to convince Rip Hunter to help her, thus, she seeks help from the one man who can make a difference - the aged and bitter, one-armed Oliver Queen. Presenting him with his trademark bow, Sara emphatically claims "This city will always need a Green Arrow". And just like that, the Green Arrow returns to take down the man who took his arm and save Star City one more time. This moment was so badass that it felt more like the original Arrow than most of the past two seasons of Arrow have. Just awesome.

#5. The Hood saves Roy Harper - Arrow S1, Ep 18: 'Salvation'

This is undoubtedly one of my absolute favorite scenes that Arrow has ever produced. The cinematography here, the storyline behind it, the acting and the score - it was just so powerful and compelling. 'Salvation' was a very dark episode, in a way very similar to Christopher Nolan's epic The Dark Knight in that the hero may have achieved his goal, but this was by no means a victory. Joseph (The Savior) was killing people on live broadcasts in order to avenge his wife's murder, but he could not be convinced to do the right thing. In the end, the Hood had to kill him to save Roy. This episode also marks a significant turning point for the series as Oliver steps aside from his 'list' mission to save the city (for perhaps the first real time) from the savior's reign of terror. Furthermore, it basically launched the relationship between Roy Harper and the vigilante. This was definitely one of the most powerful scenes of the series and as Blake Neely's haunting score played in the background, we got intense, shaky close-ups of Roy, Joseph and the Hood. This scene was hauntingly beautiful.

#4. Supergirl X The Flash - Supergirl S1, Ep18: 'Worlds Finest'

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should put this on the list because it technically took place on another Earth. But, technicalities aside, this list is all about moments that gave us goosebumps - and Barry's performance here undoubtedly meets that criteria. After months of fans hoping and calling for a crossover, CBS and the CW listened and commissioned the inter-network crossover between The Flash and Supergirl. Because of the mostly light-hearted/family tone of both shows, we instantly knew that these characters would gel well together. Furthermore, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist's previous Gleeful past made us hope that the Glee aumni would end up on-screen together. Well, it happened...and it was amazing. It was action-packed, fun, witty emotional, well-written and completely entertaining. It was literally everything we would have ever hoped for. Seeing these two iconic heroes together and moreover, Gustin and Benoist together, was completely and utterly worth the wait! The chemistry between Barry and Kara (and at times, Winn) was incredibly well portrayed and made for some great scenes. Here's hoping that Barry and Kara end up in each other's worlds more often! Perhaps it's time Kara came to the "Arrow-Verse" or that we got see her "Arrow-Verse" Earth-1 doppelganger?!

#3. The Undertaking - Arrow S1, Ep23: 'Sacrifice'

I couldn't pick the best part of this episode so I am basically telling you that the entire episode is goosebumps-enducing! Well, what can I say about this episode: it's the perfect culmination of every major arc in Season 1. As the battle for supremacy in Starling City wages on in a war between the Arrow and the Dark Archer, Detective Lance and Felicity Smoak attempt to stop Merlyn's earthquake device. The collapse of the Glades and CNRI which leads to Tommy's sacrifice to save Laurel is just spine-chilling! The emotional scenes that follow are beautiful and heart-breaking. Twist after twist and shocker after shocker remind us that this was Arrow at its peak. Unfortunately it has lost so much from this amazing point (too much) but this was just perfect. This is arguably still my favorite episode of Arrow to this day. There are no words.

#2. Team Arrow vs Deathstroke - Arrow S2, Eps 22/23

If Arrow was at its peak in Season 1, it reached the stratosphere in Season 2. The final two episodes of the 2nd season were rife with moments that gave us chills. From seeing the demoted Officer Lance convincing the SCPD to stand with the Arrow and help take down Deathstroke's army of Mirakuru soldiers to Laurel finding out the truth and helping Oliver become the hero he was meant to be - never stopped delivering powerful moments! The Canary's return to assist Team Arrow take down the soliders before Amanda Waller destroys the city to contain them makes for more epic moments. Felicity's inspirational monologue was something to be applauded and was arguably the moment she shined the brightest in the entire series. It all culminated in an epic battle between the Arrow and Deathstroke - a battle that was 5 years in the making and lived up to the entire season's hype. For it's first 2 years, Arrow's season finales were nothing short of epic!

#1 Barry Time-Travels Back to Save his Mom - The Flash S1, Ep 23: 'Fast Enough'

Superhero shows can thrive on action sequences, special effects and visually stunning sequences. But one of the most pleasant aspects of The Flash was its family-centric moments. And well, the season one finale was just outstanding. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house after watching Barry say goodbye to his mom. Both Grant Gustin and Michelle Harrison delivered Emmy-worthy performances in this heart-wrenching scene. It's been almost a year and I still can't stop talking about how beautifully this scene was performed.

The entire Season One finale was outstanding and acted as a perfect culmination of every major storyline that anchored the season. From the moment Barry travels through the speed-force with Blake Neely's incredible score echoing in the background to his emotional goodbye with his mother, you just knew that it was building towards an event of epic proportions. That event, of course, being the opening of the singularity in the closing moments - the season finale of The Flash excelled at absolutely everything.

So there you have it! 18 of the most compelling moments from the entire "Arrow-Verse". I recognise that there are plenty more that I missed out but it was very hard trying to narrow them down to just 18 and I did the best I could, choosing scenes that I really felt stuck out and hope you enjoyed the list! All of the series in this universe continue to surprise us with shocking moments and I can't wait for even more. With the Season finales coming up soon, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more of them very soon!


Which 'Arrow-Verse' moment gave you goosebumps

Which 'Arrow-Verse' moment gave you goosebumps?


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