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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Ah [Pokémon](tag:2538552). One of the most popular franchises ever is finally being picked up for a live-action adaptation. There is currently a bidding war going on between Sony, Warner Bros, and a couple other studios for this high-ticket license. There is no denying the success that Pokemon has had, not only as a video game but as an anime as well. Fans have been clamoring for a live-action adaptation for years, and with advancements in CGI it is finally possible. Of course, the base for any good live-action adaptation is how well they cast the characters — but who would be the best Ash Ketchum? There are a handful of actors I think would be absolutely perfect! Let's take a look.

1. Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien is THE rising star in Hollywood! I think he could be the next great action star and he is the one I would hand pick to lead the Pokemon live-action franchise. I think he has the look and the youth to roam the regions as Ash Ketchum and I think his acting is spot on as well. I could only imagine O'Brien running around with little Pikachu!

2. Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield is a very interesting young actor. The kid that was neck and neck with Tom Holland for the role of Spider-Man has been quiet as of late. It wasn't until I saw a few interviews with him that I knew he would be absolutely perfect for the role of Ash Ketchum! He has the youth, the look, and the acting ability to pull it off! I think for the long-term, Asa Butterfield would definitely be the man for the job!

3. Noah Ringer

Noah Ringer, the young actor who played Aang in another anime adaptation, The Last Airbender, would be pretty awesome as Ash Ketchum! In terms of looks, he definitely has it down. I haven't seen that much of him acting-wise to definitively say he would be perfect, but I think he would be really good! Ash Ketchum is a very hard character to pull off and Noah Ringer seems to be one of the few that actually could!

4. Taron Egerton

I understand what you are all saying, I know he is 26, but Taron Egerton has a very youthful look to him. I'm not sure what it is, but I just get an Ash Ketchum vibe from him. The only reason I don't have him higher on the list is because of his age, but if they could do some kind of youthful make-up work on him I think he would make a great Pokemon master!

5. Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort may not have the look of Ash Ketchum, but he damn sure has the acting ability. I think he would give an interesting new take on Ash Ketchum, he would bring his own style of cockiness to the screen and I think it would work out great. Ansel Elgort is a tremendous young talent who can only improve going forward, I wouldn't mind seeing that happen in Pokemon!

Pokemon Is Tough To Get Right!

Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises of all time. There have been a bevy of failed live-action anime adaptations, and fans do not want to see the same happen with Pokemon. Of course, the main thing any studio must get right is the casting. Without a strong cast this film will fail. Hopefully they take some of my suggestions into consideration for Ash and give us an outstanding Pokemon movie!


Who do you want to see play Ash Ketchum?


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