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Sorry this is a little late everyone. Yesterday was kind of busy. Anyways, the last weekend of the Spring movie season is here. Next weekend, the Summer movie season officially begins. The box office will likely be up from this same time frame last year when Fast and Furious 7 took the top spot for the fourth weekend in a row, but it will probably be below last weekend. This weekend looks to be the calm before the storm.

1. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book should have no trouble three-peating in the top spot this weekend. It has no real competition and none of the three new nationwide releases are looking to come close to unseating it. Last weekend, it dropped 40.4% from the weekend before. This is the lightest second weekend decline ever for a Disney live action remake. With word of mouth still strong, it should have a similar drop, give or take a maximum of two percent. This would put it in the mid to high $30 millions this weekend.

2. Keanu

This comedy should take second place. It has been positively reviewed so far and the Key and Peele connection has been made pretty clear. It should not open too high, though, as there is another comedy opening this weekend. I predict it will open a little below $20 million this weekend, which would still be a solid result.

3. Mother's Day

Mother's Day is likely to come in third place. It has a strong casting lineup and it was marketed really well, so it should at least open above $10 million. It is not likely to open much higher than that, though, as Keanu is also opening this weekend. Also, early word of mouth has been atrocious. I am predicting it will have an opening weekend between $10 and $12 million.

4. The Huntsman: Winter's War

This should take a heavy drop and wind up in fourth place. It opened to $19.4 million last weekend, which was lower than even the worst of expectations. It is also reviewed much worse than the first, which will not help it hang on. It should earn between $7 and $8 million for the weekend.

5. Ratchet and Clank

Video game film adaptation Ratchet and Clank should open in fifth place. This film has received little to no marketing. The only reason I knew it existed was because it was on the roster. It looks like it will only really be a sell for die hard video game fans, if they know the film even exists. Word of mouth has been pretty bad. Many early reviews have suggested it only appeals to little kids, so even the video game fans may be let down. It will likely open between $7 and $8 million.

Here are my predictions for the top five this weekend:

1. The Jungle Book: $37.6 million (-39%)

2. Keanu: $19.7 million

3. Mother's Day: $11.2 million

4. The Huntsman: Winter's War: $7.9 million (-59%)

5. Ratchet and Clank: $7.1 million


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