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It's been almost 10 years since Disney's magical live-action musical Enchanted first graced the silver screen and beguiled us with Amy Adams' adorably innocent Giselle and the world of Andalasia.

In 2010 Variety reported that a sequel was in the works, with Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) to direct. And last year, Collider announced that the sequel was under the working title Disenchanted. Sadly, as these rumors and rumblings tend to go in Hollywood, it's been radio silence from the studio ever since.

Recently, E! News caught up with Adams at an event in New York. When reminded that the movie came out almost a decade ago, she gave a charming and very Giselle-like response:

"Oh, my gosh! That's startling. It's weird because I'm not 10 years older, so it's so strange that it's going on. That's so weird. I've just barely aged a day!"

When E! went on to ask her what, if anything, she knew about the alleged sequel, Adams expressed her interest in the project while still maintaining her cool:

"They've been talking about it for a while, so I really embrace and look forward to what they do and hope to be involved."

If there is anything in the works, it sounds like Adams won't be the one to let the cat out of the bag.

Since portraying Giselle, Adams has gone on to star in critically acclaimed movies like Julie & Julia, The Fighter, Her, American Hustle and Big Eyes, as well as garnering five Academy Award nominations.

In 2011, Adams' Enchanted co-star James Marsden — who played the loveably naive Prince Edward — also spoke out about the sequel, expressing concern regarding their timelines in an interview with

"I don’t know. I think that the clock is ticking on that one. Amy [and I] are both saying, 'If there’s going to be a sequel, we’re not getting any younger.' Since we play sort of ageless animated characters. Hopefully we do. That was something really special and I’d love to come back and do another. I’ve heard the same things you’ve heard. There’s a script out there somewhere and there’s talk of it, but I never believe it until I see the script and know that we’re actually making that film. So I don’t know. Too many eggs in that basket."

It might not be anywhere on Disney's slate of upcoming projects, but we're hopeful that Disenchanted could still be in the works. Even though it's been almost a decade since we first saw the original, I find it difficult to imagine a sequel without bringing back Giselle.


Are you still hoping to see an 'Enchanted' sequel?

(Source: E! News)


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