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On Thursday, during an interview with Sky News promoting both his role in Doctor Strange and Rogue One, Mads Mikkelson inadvertently gave away what was potentially a massive Rogue One spoiler!

After initially telling the interviewer he could reveal nothing about his role in Rogue One, he went on to talk about his reluctance and fear of being in the Star Wars saga. Then he let the cat out of the bag saying..

"I read the script. It was very beautiful and Felicity's playing this lovely, strong woman [and] I play her father."

He is the Baby Daddy!!

Immediately after letting the news slip and hearing the audible gasp from the Sky News crew, Mads realized he made a huge mistake, immediately saying "that's too much, sorry."

Was this a slip of the tongue by Mads? Or was it encouraged by Lucasfilm to gain free publicity for Rogue One? If it was a mistake, expect Mads Mikkelsen to be strangely absent in promotions for Doctor Strange and Rogue One once Fall rolls around. Some suspect Jyn Erso may be related to other Star Wars characters we've already seen. If so, Mads revelation about being Jyn Erso's father has implications that reach far beyond just Rogue One. At an autograph signing last year, Mads signed a Star Wars poster adding the name Galen, potentially revealing his characters name. If that also turns out to be true then that's two strikes for the Danish born actor.


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