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There are still rumors around the web on whether we will be getting an appearance from Jason Todd AKA Red Hood in the DCEU. Ever since Bruce was seen standing in front of a ruined 'Robin' outfit in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), many fans began to circle around the idea of him being already dead in this universe.

In simplest terms, the backstory of Jason Todd is this. He first appears as Red Hood in 'Batman: Under the Hood,' in which he was resurrected after Talia al Ghul placed him into the rejuvenating mystical pool called, Lazarus Pit. Beforehand, he was killed by Joker in, 'Batman: A Death in the Family.'

Now, in this the DCEU we don't know how much will draw from its source material. We don't know if Todd will make an actual appearance. So the question is, could this be the DCEU's way of saying we will be getting a live-action Jason Todd? Or was 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Instagram page' just simply celebrating the character? Take a look.

This was posted yesterday. The day Jason Todd died in the comic. Here's his death certificate.

Again, either a celebration of death. Or another hint from the makers of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'? Yesterday also marked the 20 years in Gotham, Bruce Wayne spoke about. Though, it would be 21 in real life. It's a huge assumption, but I believe he is to appear in the DCEU. Either he will be played by Scott Eastwood, or Eastwood will be portraying Arsenal/Red Arrow, which is hugely hinted upon to me in the latest 'Suicide Squad' trailer. More on that here.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' is still playing in theaters. Go experience the greatness again, and catch 'Suicide Squad' when it releases August 5th.

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