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I was lucky enough to watch [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) last night in Paris. I really loved it, and felt the fight scenes were indeed the best ever put to film in a superhero or action film. I couldn’t help but think that, as a DC fan, this Marvel movie was just so darn better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

And yet, as I came out of the movie and started thinking about the different parts of the movies between those fight scenes, I realized that all the critics thrown at BvS and the praises thrown at Civil War did seem a bit uneven. Why did I think that? Because a lot of the critics on BvS, on top of the tone of the movie, were about the plot and the fact that it made no sense.

Yet, Civil War gets a pass on 4 main issues that should really be pointed out. I’m sure I’m going to start a Marvel vs. DC argument, or get a lot of flak for being nitpicky. But if you really look at the issues below, you’ll have to agree with at least some of them, if not all.

So, with a last warning that HERE THERE BE SPOILERS, read on!

4. Tony’s logic makes no sense: he brought a kid to a man’s fight!

The fact that Peter Parker saved the day by using a trick from The Empire Strikes Back was cool. The fact that he called it a “very old movie” was ah ah funny. But at the end of the day, he was just a kid’s in a fight where a major player, wearing much more than a fancy blue and red suit, was critically injured for life!

On top of that, Tony spends the whole movie blaming the Avengers’ past reckless actions on a lack of control and the endless endangerment of innocent people. Yet, he puts an innocent kid in the thick of a fight! He puts an innocent teenager in danger! He even blackmails him to do so! This is wrong on so many levels, the only reason why it kind of makes sense is because Marvel finally got the rights to put Spider-Man in their movie, and so they decided to put him in a dangerous fight scene! But in the story itself and the universe, and the moral judgment that Tony makes, he makes absolutely no sense!

3. Geography makes no sense

Tony is in Germany, then flies to New York to recruit Peter Parker, then flies back to Germany to confront Captain America? Wow! Thanks for great movie editing that makes flying 7000 miles to Queens and back so quick and easy. Good thing Ross gave him 36 hours! And when Zemo flies out of Germany, he takes a plane to Moscow, but then can drive to Siberia? With just a few hours of head start compared to a Quinjet?

2. Zemo's plan makes no sense

This is almost my biggest gripe, but there’s more below. Yet, this ones makes so little sense that it comes #2 in my wonderment! If Zemo knew about the murder of Tony’s parents (and so did Cap, see point #1), then why did Zemo have to go all the way to Siberia to get a video of the murder? Why did he have to torture a Russian soldier to get to something he already knew about? Sure, we can assume he didn’t know what happened on that fateful night, since that’s what he kept searching for, first from the Russian soldier, then from the Winter Soldier. So, not only did Zemo knew the exact date already (and since he knew the date and the Starks’ death was probably very public, he had already put 2 and 2 together), but if all he wanted was a video, it seems this video was already available somewhere else since Cap was aware of this death. Perhaps he didn’t want the video, he wanted to get to the Winter Soldiers. But then why kill them?! Oh, maybe he didn't know about the video, but then what was his plan? Kill the Winter Soldiers and wait for the Avengers to show up? Why go all the way to Siberia for that? Once again, it defies logic and common sense !

1. How did Captain America know about Tony's parents' murderer?

If Tony Stark’s parents got killed in 1991, then Cap was still on ice at the time. So, how did Steve Rogers find out about the Starks’ murders? And if he did, how and when? When he woke up? Did Nick Fury wake him up and said: “By the way, while you were gone, Stark got killed, so make sure you don’t break your shield because he was the only that could have fixed it. But don’t worry, Peggy is still alive… but very old!” Is that what he woke up to? And how did Tony know that Bucky was the culprit, if there no video?

And if Cap did find out, why didn’t Tony too? And if Bucky destroyed the camera after his terrible deed, how did the movie of his murders remain intact and was available for viewing all these years later?


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