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The tentatively titled, Tomb Raider reboot movie from MGM and GK Films has found its Lara Croft in breakout, Oscar-winning star, Alicia Vikander of Ex Machnina and The Danish Girl fame. Vikander will be playing a younger Lara Croft à la Square Enix's recent 2013 reboot of the video game franchise, in which Lara is a fresh adventurer out on her first expeditions in discovering mystical lands, ancient secrets and legendary artifacts, oftentimes of supernatural origins.

Variety reports that other actresses, including Star Wars' Daisy Ridley were approached for the role, but Vikander was always the top pick, and the filmmakers were simply waiting on a new draft of the script before announcing the casting of the iconic role.

What is exciting about this news is Alicia Vikander's acting chops. Having won the 2016 Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in The Danish Girl, the actress has also been nominated 48 times for various awards in her other performances. It's apparent that MGM and GKF will be looking to draw large crowds with a star-studded cast in Tomb Raider, a credible and legitimate talent starring in the lead role.

A release date yet to be set for the video game adaptation, it will be very intriguing in the coming months to find out what is in store for the franchise.

What do you thinking of Alicia Vikander's casting as Lara Croft?

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