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If you've watched Saturday Night Live, there's a good chance that you've witnessed Will Farrell's hilarious George W. Bush impressions.

His impressions of the former Republican president are great, which is probably why he was going to portray another former Republican president, Ronald Reagan. However, soon after the movie was announced, Will Ferrell dropped out of the project due to the negative response he got.

According to Variety, Ferrell was going to play former president Reagan in a movie simply titled Reagan. The script for the movie, written by Mike Rosolio, was originally on the Black List, the list of popular scripts that were never produced.

The movie is about an intern that is given the task of convincing a dementia-stricken Ronald Reagan that he's actually just an actor playing the president and takes place during the former president's second term.

Ever since this project was announced, people have taken to Twitter to show that they weren't very happy about this movie, to say the least:

One of those outraged people happens to be Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan's son:

Ronald Reagan's daughter even wrote an open letter to Will Ferrell, telling him that he should not pursue the project.

Because of the negative backlash Will Ferrell got, he quickly backed away from the project and the status of the movie is unknown.

It would have been interesting how this movie would have turned out. Maybe it could have been really funny, but it could also have been really insensitive towards Ronald Reagan and to those who live with Alzheimer's. I guess we will never know.

How do you guys think this movie would have turned out?


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