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In just one week, the two kings of Marvel, Iron Man and Captain America, will go head to head in a heated and politically charged grudge match! Marvel's Captain America: Civil War follows the battle between the two heroes as they fall onto opposite sides of the political coin. However, these two aren't the first in the Marvel universe to discuss superhero rights.

Last year, Marvel started started a YouTube channel for WHIH News Front. Christine Everhart, the hard hitting journalist who first appeared in Iron Man 2, is featured and gives us a Fox News style, heavily biased, look at the events of the MCU.

She previously covered the release of Scott Lang from prison and interviewed Darren Cross previous to his presentation of the Yellow Jacket. Now she and "Political Correspondent" Will Adam, are taking a look at the issues surrounding Civil War! Take a look:

These videos are great. It's very fun to see how the press deals with these super-events and I doubt Cap and Tony will be sitting down and discussing the issues in committee form at any point in the film. Also make sure to check out the scrolling banner at the bottom for some laughs. My favorite is 'REPORTS OF "MASSIVE ANT-LIKE INSECT" SIGHTINGS CONTINUE TO POUR IN FROM SAN FRANCISCO SUBURBS'. Check out the videos above and make sure to subscribe to WHIH World News on YouTube for more! Which WHIH anchor do you side with? Will or Christine? Tell me who and why in the comments!


Who's right?


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