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It is hard to believe that nearly 10 years ago the world cried at the news of the loss of Steve Irwin. Known as the "Croc Hunter," Steve and his wife Terri worked with a team of experts in showcasing the wild world to nations. First appearing in 1996, his shows aimed to raise public awareness of dangerous animals as well as help people see that if you understand the animal, it is less frightening. He was dubbed by some as a complete wacko, as he would be ready at any moment to jump on the back of a massive crocodile or grab a highly venomous snake.

Terri, I got him!
Terri, I got him!

However, Steve grew up in a family with a passion for wildlife. From a young age, this allowed Steve to understand the dangers of the Australian outback like no other child. As his fame grew, the man never seemed to alter, and remained the joyful lover of life he was when he first appeared on television. Perhaps one reason why so many loved him was how he shared important private moments in his and his wife's lives. One such instance was when Terri was pregnant with their second child, Robert.

Unlike many celebrities who announce news to gain headlines, when you witness Steve announcing the baby coming it is down to pure excitement and pride. Perhaps what is even more magical is when his staff greeted him after his son's birth and as he tears up he utters the words:

"He's so perfect, it's scary."

When it came to his family, he could not help but wear his heart on his sleeve and that is probably one of the main reasons why so many felt a connection to a man they never met.

One of their last family photos
One of their last family photos

However, tragedy struck when Steve died in 2006 doing what he lived for, and that was working with the wild animals he loved so much.

The news hit the world so powerfully that anyone who had watched his documentary programs felt like they had lost someone they knew. Even more tragically, within weeks after the news came out, stingrays were being found mutilated and their tails chopped off. It was never confirmed if these were angry fans seeking revenge for Steve, but all who knew Steve were angered as it went against everything that Steve worked and lived for.

There are only 3 known deaths to Stingray attacks
There are only 3 known deaths to Stingray attacks

His life was filled with so many achievements, but his proudest achievement was easily his family that he loved so much. You can literally see his love for his family from the vast footage of them together. Due to his and his wife's love for animals, it was no surprise their daughter Bindi has inherited a passion for wildlife. Having starred in her own wildlife-themed series, she is carrying the torch for her father. From a young age, Bindi has shown she has the same confidence of her father and even moved people to tears at the age of 8 when she gave a speech at his memorial:

It is amazing to think at 8 years old she was able to speak so elegantly and confidently to hundred of people. So while we all miss our "Croc Hunter" Steve Irwin, I think we can safely say he will never be forgotten and his legacy lives on through his children.

What is your fondest Croc Hunter memory?


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