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April Was a Busy Month for The Flash

Through the month of April we have gotten some news about [The Flash](tag:1068303) solo movie. Unfortunately it’s way to early for anything to be concrete. The film won’t be released for a long time from now. So far the only actors rumored to appear in the movie is Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen of course, and Ray Fisher is rumored to join Miller playing his version of Cyborg. No Hal Jordan Barry Allen bromance happening, tragic.

5 Alleged Character Descriptions Appeared Online

A couple of days ago we’ve gotten even more news with character description being released online. I'm going to warn you, if you don't like reading, shame on you and you probably should stop here. For those of us who enjoy reading and fan cast please indulge in this awesomeness.

Iris West is described in the breakdown as having Christiane Amanpour’s brains and Carrie Bradshaw’s style. An overcaffinated doe. A reporter at The Central City Citizen.

Who Should Play Her? Kiersey Clemons (New 52)

Why she fits? They should go New 52 Iris, continue to show fans and the media that they truly embrace the New 52 and not just on the small screen. Like Ezra Miller she's young (22), but she doesn't have the same experience. If you aren't a fan of Disney shows like Austin and Ally or a movie like Cloud 9 then you wont recognize her. Hopefully you caught her in the critically acclaimed Indy film Dope. In Dope alongside Shameik Moore she showed why she's set for stardom playing the lesbian, tomboy friend Diggy. As the potential love interest and best friend of Barry Allen she'd do a great job.

Who Should Play Her? Victoria Justice (Original)

Why she fits? Oh, no not a Nickelodeon chick ah but she’s much more than that. For starters she’d bring a decent following from her days as Tori Vega on Victorious. As Tori she played a musically gifted high school good girl by every stretch of the word. However, her work on her very short lived MTV series Eye Candy where she costarred with Kiersey Clemons is what really opened my eyes about her acting ability. The series was cut short, but she showed that she wasn’t just a bubbly girl with a cute face. As Linda an MIT dropout hacker she ditched the lip-gloss and bubbly attitude in favor of something more dark, sexy, and serious. As Iris she’d have to combine the two kinda like she did in Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List. In this raunchy love comedy she plays the virgin Naomi who is in love with her gay best friend Ely.

Eobard Thawne is described in the breakdown as Central City’s Bill Gates. The smartest man in the room and he suffers from advanced degenerative disease like Stephen Hawking. Thawne is confined to a chair.

Who Should Play Him? Zachary Quinto

Why he fits

With the way DC is going I'm sure they will make Thawne a little more twisted and dark to fit their world. Zachary Quinto is a very rangy and talented actor. He's been on TV and starred in a few movies. It was his role in Star Trek that popped into my mind. As Spock he was dry, funny, and of course a genius. Quinto would bring a darker side to Thawne's genius making the character even more intense. I have no doubt he'd be able to portray the paraplegic genius whose sole mission is to eliminate the Flash.

Fred Chyre is described in the breakdown as a gruff detective who first meets Barry at the scene of a crime. Now they’re colleagues and the closest thing Barry has to a friend. Chryre is investigating the unusual death of someone at Thawne Laboratory.

Who Should Play Him? Aaron Paul

Why he fits? I know Fred Chrye from the comics is older. Chrye appears to have been re-written for the TV show in the form of Joe West to some extent. The original character was one and done (Pilot episode) after being shot in the neck and bleeding out. However with Ezra Miller being so young and the description using the term " friend" instead of "father figure" or “mentor” could mean a younger version being depicted on screen. At least that’s what I’ll do. Chyre sounds like a hard-nosed blue collar detective that's doesn't take crap from anyone. Paul is best known for his role as the loud mouth meth dealing junky Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. His first big movie role came in Need for Speed where he was less foul mouthed a lot smoother and a bit heroic as Tobey. For Frank Chyre it's like merging Jesse and Tobey together with edginess and a badge. Paul could bring a dry humor, comedic, smooth, foul mouth side to Chryre.

Len Snart is described in the breakdown as being ex-military and turns out to be working for Thawne. As of now it appears he’s hasn’t taken on the Captain Cold persona. I imagine him significantly older than Barry so someone in their mid-late 30s.

Who Should Play Him? Sam Worthington

Why he fits? Worthington not only has the look, but the resume as well. He’s starred in some action packed movies such as Avatar, Sabotage, Terminator, and Clash/Attack of the Titans. His role in Sabotage saw him make a complete transformation to play the tough DEA agent. Worthington is a natural gritty actor who fits the bill of an ex-military associate of a criminal. Worthington is sure to take on the persona of Captain Cold and make it one to remember.

Jay Garrick is described in the breakdown as being a former Central University professor who was fired for fringe science, and was working on the speed force program. Supposedly his role is just a cameo.

Who Should Play Him? Dennis Quiad

Why he fits? This is allegedly just a cameo. I'd imagine some connection between Garrick and Thawne. Quiad has this natural hero appeal. He's portrayed the leadership roles plenty of times General Hawk in GI Joe, as coach Ben Schwartzwalder in the Express, or as star QB Cap Rooney in Any Given Sunday. The latter role also features an old man on his last legs. But his role in The Day After Tomorrow as Jack Hall a palaeoclimatology who takes a journey through an apocalyptic storm to find his son. He could pull of a professor and a hero thus making this a pretty good fit for Quiad, plus for a 61 year old he's in excellent shape.

The Untitled Flash Movie is set to appear March 23, 2018.



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